Monday, January 30, 2012

MTC Address!!!

Got my MTC address! As a reminder, I'll only be in the MTC until February 21st (as stated in the address). And hopefully this should help if trying to use DearElder too.

Sister Hilary Jane Parks
MTC Mailbox #149
AZ-PHX 0221
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Wow. Flashback to freshman year when I used to have the MTC address memorized. Good times.

Also, I don't know what the email rules are in my mission. But for those of who are family, you'll definitely use this email address to contact me in an easier way than writing:

So, for those of you unfamiliar with how missions work - use the above address (the Utah one) until February 21st. You can also use this website called, set up a free account, and write free letters that I'll get that same day. AFTER FEBRUARY 21st, use the Arizona address I put down in the last post. That's my mission home, and I'll always get the letters and such you send there. And then my immediate family should always be updated on my current address. Confused yet? :)

Thanks for the support everyone. Trenton and I both gave our "farewell" addresses yesterday at church which was very nice. And tonight we're being set apart by President Hollingsworth who has been so great throughout this whole process. Tuesday we'll say goodbye to Mom, Dad, and Hannah here in Austin and meet up with Taylor and Matt in Salt Lake. Then report to Provo on Wednesday, February 1st.

I'm excited to serve! I love this gospel and am grateful that I'm able to dedicate 18 solid months of my life to sharing it with others. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to where I am now.

Questions? Comments?
Or talk to Hannah on Facebook :)
Taylor should be setting up Trenton's blog shortly which I'm sure everyone will want a link to as well haha.

LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Almost there...

Children. It's almost time. I report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on February 1st and am super nervous slash really excited. This blog will be where my darling sister, Hannah, will post the emails I send home in some form or another. I'll be excited to see it when I get home and understand what Hannah is doing. Goodness knows I'll confuse her enough with what I want and don't want...
If you want to send me a letter or a package, right now here's the address to do so (I only say package because I'm expecting something from Tracie when I'm in the field):
Sister Hilary J. Parks
Arizona Phoenix Mission
18001 N 79th Ave Ste C50
Glendale, AZ 85308-8394
United States

I'll know my MTC address in a week and will put it up here too. But DearElder should be easier to use for sure.
I look forward to hearing about everyone's lives and the ways you inspire the lives of those around you as you have so inspired me.
I'm tremendously grateful for this opportunity I have to completely dedicate myself to the Lord and giving His children the opportunity to hear the great news of this restored gospel.
Thanks for everything and all the support. I love you all!