Monday, January 28, 2013

WWWHHHHHAAA?! - January 28, 2013

Okay. Phew. I think I'm semi-over that now. Wow. Good thing I haven't written Ariel back yet. Wow. And Denise is still the Relief Society President? Wow. That's probably worse than being a mission president and his wife. You're going to have to raise Ben.
And who is Ali Hancock getting married to?! That's awesome.
Man Nolan is getting married too? Wow.
Meh my talk was okay. I left Sister Bruckman about 7 minutes and she left our ward mission leader about 5 minutes (he took 10). Someone told me I should go into public speaking and I just laughed.
Bleh I am so trunky. It's terrible. There's something terrifying about only have 6 months left as a missionary. Okay done. I'm done thinking about it. Pressing forward!
Um this week was interesting. Other elders in our zones (one that Hannah SHOULD have written by now!!!!!!!!!!) had a baptism on Saturday that both the Madronas and Neyo came to. Afterward, the zone leaders and both district leaders in our area conducted 5 baptism interviews! January was a rough month for our zone, but it looks like February will be on fire! It was exciting. The ward is very attached to these investigators which makes our job as missionaries so much easier and the investigator's conversion to the gospel some much more solid. We are very excited.
On the other hand, we are desperate to find more people to teach. We have been complete wimps in our contacting and need to go out and be finding people. We have a lot of potential people but have had a really hard time meeting with them.
Lalala. I've still been keeping track of daily miracles on the calendar Taylor made me. It's so fun to think of the times that I was just bursting with joy that day. Definitely helps to capture those snapshots of the good times rather than the not-as-good times.
I didn't prepare very well for my talk. I wasn't quite sure what the youth needed to hear, so I wasn't sure what to say. But I found myself up there talking and was just very bold in my declaration about how this truly is the only way to complete happiness and complete peace. Fascinating how we're the only ones that have it and are usually scared to share it with others. I told the ward that sharing the gospel with random strangers is a lot easier (it is). I take a lot of comfort from the first and last sections in the first chapter of Preach My Gospel. Since every member is a missionary, it applies to you too!
Oh and I found the sheet music to "This is the Christ". Ecstatic!
And yes, the Madronas are getting baptized this Saturday! They are so excited. Sister Madrona is like addicted to feeling the Spirit - it's hilarious and wonderful. We are so blessed to work with them - they're a miracle.
My district leader, Elder Brothers, led us in an interesting discussion about praying with real intent last week at our district meeting. I felt infinitely more aware of how my own prayers can be more guided by the Spirit and also how I can be better about recognizing even the smallest answers to prayers and remembering to give thanks. I also feel more aware of how the prayers from you are very real and how they affect me.
And we've been talking a lot about the character of Christ and how His choice was always to reach out when others would reach in (Mosiah 3:19). I mean He did missionary work on the cross! Our district used that as our focus this week in personal study, and it's been neat to see the examples of how Christ always reached out.
OKAY LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Maybe one day I'll send a good-quality email. One day hahaha.
Know that you're definitely in my prayers. As hard as it is to be away from you, I have felt so much solace and comfort in my prayers about and for you and even in blessings I've received. This opportunity you're helping me to have is irreplaceable to me. It's fun - I get to help people become better sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, etc as I help them come closer to Christ. Amazingly, the same thing happens for me as well. Become better! That's the blessing.
Sister Parks

P.S. We have transfers this week - January 22, 2013

But I'm not being transferred. But like half our district is. So sad. Our district is really close. Or at least I'm under the impression that we are. But I never understand the male species so I don't know. Anyway.
What? Why do you need a big car? You do realize that you're going to be empty nesters soon right? Sorry. That was harsh.
Hahahahahaha I thought that Grandma was going to stop working. Goodness. She's so funny. I hope she enjoys New Jersey - I liked it for the limited time I was there haha.
Wow. A grand piano Mom. I'll miss the baby grand, but that'll be fun.
I'll have to mail Elder Parks the list of easy recipes our mission president's wife makes for us. It helps a lot.
Haha so I woke up at 3 in the morning on Sunday and was super sick. Turns out I got the flu! For the first time in 8 years! Man. It was brutal. I only made it through one sacrament meeting and then I had to go home. But I'm feeling loads better now. It was just funny. Sister Taylor and I had some good laughs over the phone and I finally got to sleep as long as I wanted (it was a lot) BUT the best part was yesterday my district leader and zone leaders came over to give me some Tylenol. They asked if I'd received a blessing yet which I hadn't, so they offered to give me one if I'd like one. I of course agreed. I can't remember the last time I'd been anointed with oil, so that was neat. But the blessing was the best part because the blessing mentioned you my family! It was just really special and sacred. I'll have to tell you about it some day maybe. So that was nice. Elder Scott had the flu too like the same time I did but he went out to work yesterday... don't worry I feel like a total pansy.
We have 3 investigators right now that are just on fire. It's so refreshing and beautiful to see. A Hawaiian couple and this young African boy. I think it's amazing seeing the real example of Alma's experience when he teaches the humble of the Zoramites. Humility truly is a key to greatness because humility is the key to accessing true power, strength, and capacity from God. And that's probably why it's so hard. It's a blessing to be a part of the lives of these people though. They help me to see exactly why the restored gospel is so important and how it can affect all people and more than just this one generation of time.
Sister Bruckman and I will be giving talks this Sunday about missionary work. Mine is supposed to be directed toward the youth on how missionary service has blessed my life and how it will continue to do so. Hahaha I'll try not to talk too much about Mom and Dad.
I'm really grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary. As I realized how different this transfer is (I honestly never thought I'd hit my year mark) and after I received the blessing from my zone leaders, I was able to reflect on my service and who I've become as I've been blessed to help others become too. The key is having change become permanent, and that's something that I'm working on. I know it's only possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Isn't it amazing?! God takes imperfect people like us, loves us despite our vast inadequacies and inability to always do the right thing, and helps us to truly shed those things that bring us even the remotest unhappiness if we let Him. If we let Him. And the best part is that it never ends and will keep getting better.
Our 3 investigators on date - Conrad & Lindsey and Neyo will be baptized this next month if all continues to go well. It's been such a joy teaching them, and we're looking for ways to continue to grow in our ability to seek out those that are prepared like they have been to receive the gospel.
Hey! Love y'all. Life is good. People are great. The gospel is the best.
Love, Sister Parks

Pansies survive the cold! - January 14, 2013

Haha Mom I can't afford to have new years resolutions because I'm always making resolutions and I don't want to overwhelm myself hahahahahaha.
BUT neat experience on Wednesday. We had interviews with President Taylor and specialized training as a zone for about 5 hours (I LOVE MEETINGS - I THINK IT'S A SICKNESS). But for some reason, on that day I felt more confident as a missionary than I have in my entire mission. I felt... taller. It was amazing. I mean sure there were plenty of things to work on, but I felt so strong. Like something was finally changing in me and that I'm becoming who God needs me to be. It was incredible.
Mom - our Bishop just told us last night that there's a Rudy's nearby! It's just not in our mission. He said he'd have to get us some. I'm so excited!
Dad, a man we're teaching asked me what my dad does for a living and I had no idea. I told him that you had out paper towels in the men's bathroom hahahahahahaha.
Mom, you should ask your missionaries what they need for you to be a better member missionary! Most people will tell you that the best way is to be prepared to share your testimony and answer questions and just be a friend! The missionaries will love your sincere question, and they probably have specific needs right now that you, Dad, and Hannah can help them with.
Yes! We should all as a family have Elder Parks teach us family!

All right. To the week! This week was great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. We had dinner with our zone leaders because a family in our ward invited both of us. Awkward.
Hahaha but other than that yeah. We had so many appointments this week! It's so much fun to be out doing quality work that you can see the results of. And I was truly humbled this week. With Sister Pilcher we started teaching this less-active in the ward named Tracy, and I wasn't a huge fan of her for a while. But we've been teaching her and wow. Her progression has been incredible. And I really love her now! Anyway. I don't know. It's just been incredible. We're teaching this great kid named Neyo (yes, he's from Africa but not recently at all). He's 12 and is on fire. It takes a while for him to connect all the things we teach, so we're going really slow, but he wanted to be baptized immediately. He understands the importance of the covenant and has really understood how the restoration of the gospel gives him the most knowledge he can gain. It's pretty incredible. And it's been really fun teaching him. We're teaching really different people - some who I think we're going to have to go Primary-style on and others that we just blaze right through the lessons because they're accepting and loving everything. It's amazing also how when you teach by the Spirit, every single lesson is so different. So different.
Well sorry but I'm gonna go. These emails are always lame. Hopefully the individual responses sufficed. Kyle Allen and Ariel wrote me and I got a letter from Lizzie and I have a ton from before Christmas to catch up on. And a new coat to buy. Hahaha Pdays go so fast for a lot of reasons.
LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH. Really. Let me know how it goes with school stuff please so I can stop worrying. AND THANKS FOR ALWAYS DOING EVERYTHING I ASK - it's hard not to be in control sometimes.
Sister Parks

Champion - January 7, 2013

Okay so this one time I just super duper loved my family. Aren't you great?! You are. Own it.
Yes, I did eat oysters the weekend before Christmas. I also had crab, fried alligator (oh wow it was really good), and shrimp. I was worried about the alligator because last time I had it in Louisiana it wasn't very good. Maybe it was because it was dark meat and this last time was whiter meat. I don't know. The oyster was gross. I only had one. But I chewed it. And put a lot of Tabasco sauce on it.
Admittedly, Phoenix winters are a lot like Austin winters. Just dry rather than humid. It's been really interesting.
And okay. Sounds like Les Miserables will be on my "to watch" list. But bam the rest of the world - I already knew Hugh Jackman could sing. Love him. One day later when I'm not a missionary...
Glad to hear that Christmas ended up all right and that you had all the presents you needed haha. Oh boy.
The piano is frustrating me a lot - this past zone meeting I did terrible and was not very gracious. So I apologized to our zone leaders and now practice every night before I go to bed. Still breathing.
No I definitely did not have an unlimited time on the phone. I was 45 seconds short of my limit. In fact, President Taylor had us report to him in our weekly email how long our calls were. Then in zone meeting this past week, we had to report in front of our zone (anonymously through cards) how long our calls were and if we did anything else other than call our families the normal way. So thankfully my time was fine but I shouldn't have texted Taylor. Our mission is pretty strict haha. I don't know why things are so different between missions - especially mine and Trenton's.
Yeah I'm so excited for interviews this week!!!!!!! And then we're still having district meeting on Friday!!!!!! Apparently we'll be watching a talk from Elder Bednar that he gave at the MTC last Christmas. Should be pretty good! I'm excited to hear about what Elder Christofferson says to Trenton's mission!
Yes, sometimes I feel pressured to bring in numbers. But it definitely depends on the area, what leaders I'm reporting to (so like different district leaders, ward mission leaders, and bishops), and how the work is going in general or how many wards I cover. This stake is pretty good about it - we'll really focus on names of people rather than the numbers. We talked about it at zone conference too - a renewed focus on the names of people. It's something that's easy in a companionship and even as a district but harder as you go up in levels.
Yes, Mom I totally picked out that shirt for you! It's totally your style. I'm glad you liked it. And yeah back in August Sister Taylor gave us yarn and taught us how to finger knit at sisters training. So I made the scarf :) I'm glad you like it.
This week was pretty good. We had a hard time with appointments this week - lots of people are still out of town and everyone is sick haha.
Oh and I got Aunt Kathleen's card! She's a dear! I'm hoping to write her a thank you card today. And Jenny and Leonard sent me a card too.
Also, I went to Target hoping to rebuy my red shoes in a 7 and 1/2 but they only had them in black :( Can someone go online and use my money and buy them or something? I don't think I need them for the rest of my mission, but I definitely want them for after my mission. Does that make sense? And my purple coat. I don't know what to do about my purple coat. I want it brand new again.
Here's the rest of my pictures.
Anyway I love y'all. The work is really booming here which is fun to see! My personal studies have been improving, as has my patience and love for my great companion!
On my calendar that Taylor and Matt sent me, I write down one miracle that I see every day. It's fun! :) There are lots of miracles and lots of good to do. We rode our bikes Saturday morning, and  talked to a lot of great people. It was fun! Which was good because Saturday morning we got a ton of bad news and cancelled appointments, so it was nice to ride our bikes and talk to people. Even the crazies hahahahaha.
Phew sorry this email was mostly just responding to your questions. I'm sure there's more to say that is more inspiration and beneficial to mankind, but it will not be on this email. LOVE Y'ALL.
Sister Parks

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year (you have to say it like in Showboat) - December 31, 2012

1 - Still no letter from Aunt Kathleen yet, but I'll keep you updated.
2 - Dad we just leave the extra money we have on the card because we end up using it the next month. It just stays on the card and rolls over to the next month and then you have a bad month for meals and other things and so you end up using all your money almost every month. Rarely does more than $5 roll over.
3 - Christmas Day was good. So relaxing! It definitely went as planned. Getting back to work on Wednesday was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but Thursday was pretty rough haha.
4 - I'm using my purple coat now because it gets down into the 40s. And I've become a pansy after finally getting used to 110 degrees every day.
5 - the people from the Ohio referral are doing so great! They take everything so well and let the Spirit come right in. They're reading and keep commitments and coming to church. They're a miracle, and we always walk out stunned and amazed. The ward is taking to them very well - everyone wants to come to their appointments haha. Their names are Lindsey and Conrad. Conrad's brother-in-law (so the husband of the member in Ohio who sent the referral) is going to baptize them. So they're figuring all of that out. It's amazing.
6 - Tonight we have to be in by 6 - no exceptions. And then tomorrow we are only allowed out by appointment only. So basically we'll just go to our appointments and then stay home and sleep, clean, and write letters. Kind of 2 Pdays in a row which is nice.

I sent a package. It's lame, but you should get it today. Matt - I never know what to get you  haha. I sent you the pamphlet because whenever I see cheesy things, I try and imagine what you would say to make fun of it because you're like the funniest person I know.
Hahaha Mom that is so funny about the "no funding" and Christmas gifts. Wow. It makes sense, but I never thought of it that way. How funny.
These are the billion pictures I meant to send. Let me know if you have any questions haha.
So we're teaching this kid named Neyo - he's 12 and awesome. His family is from a country in Africa - Liberia. I'm pretty sure I've met 50 people from that country just here in North Phoenix. It's crazy. Anyway he came to church a couple times with his uncle who got baptized in Denver. One night we went by and right there at the door asked him if he wanted to be baptized. It was probably not very reverent, but he said yes and so now we're teaching him. He is so interesting to teach, and we really have to change our style for him. He has a lot of ideas about God and so we get to explain quite a lot to him that we don't explain to other people. Does that make sense? Like certain concepts we can glide right over with older investigators that he takes a long time understanding whereas other concepts he has no problem with while others do. It's fun. He's a great kid. He said that when he prayed about being baptized, God told him that he should be baptized next week. So we had to explain more of what being baptized included, but hopefully he will be baptized soon.
Mom, the Spanish elders asked me to play the piano for their baptism because no one in their ward plays. I totally beefed it, but I got to be Hermana Parks in the program! It was awesome. I think God wants me to do something with piano, because He's not letting me escape it right now.
We have interviews with President soon! I'm super excited.
My hands are totally frozen and nothing I'm writing is making sense. And they're trying to get us out of here so they can fix the family history center computers haha.
FAMILY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. It was so great to talk to you. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy 2013! Wow. It's totally crazy.
And Hugh Jackman singing is going to be a distracting thought in my mind for probably the next 3 days :) Thanks Mom. Ah. FOCUSED.
Yeah my hands are really cold. LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiking Pictures - December 24, 2012

These pictures are from my old district leader who just went home. It's from when we hiked North Mountain like a billion weeks ago. We're doing it again today!

HIIIII AHHHHHH - December 24, 2012

It's totally Christmas tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Taylor gave me the letter from y'all on Friday and didn't tell me who it was from and that I couldn't open it until Christmas Eve hahaha. She's so cute.
Oh my gosh I got so many Christmas cards from family and from the ward! It was so cute. When I saw the one from the Andersons I totally cried. Oh dear. I just love them. I can't believe they had the Trail of Lights this year!!!!! That's totally awesome!
No worries - I'm not calling today. Not until tomorrow.
The temple was BEAUTIFUL. And President Taylor hugged all of us sisters in the celestial room! SO HAPPY. Then we walked around looking at the lights - I totally forgot my camera cord though so I'll have to send them next week. Sister Murdock was in my group so that was really nice. Love her! And we got to talk to Elder Knabe a lot from our MTC district which was great too. One of these days I hope to serve with him haha. We've never been remotely close thus far in the mission.
Aw little Elder Parks the District Leader. I'm SO proud of him!
The elders in our zone are super jealous that Sister Bruckman and I get so much mail hahaha so Sister Bruckman and I have great plans to have Hannah and all her darling friends and all of Sister Bruckman's old friends write them. That should make them stop complaining. Haha and we got our Christmas packages after the temple on Friday but the zone leaders are holding them hostage until today.
I'm loving my time with  Sister Bruckman! It's nice to be able to express my opinion - I try and let her do so as well haha. Oh my gosh I'm so bossy. And I need to be more patient with her driving. Utahans... She's helping me a ton though and is super understanding.
Carlos is doing pretty great! He got work and came straight down from work (in his work clothes because he didn't have time to change) to church because he knows how important the sacrament is. He's very special. I hope things get better in his family soon.
Mom - for the Christmas conference there was no one else tp play the piano so, after a ton of practice, I can now play "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". I looked at the Sally DeFord version and almost cried in distress, so I just stuck with the hymn version. It was okay haha. Our zone is not very musically inclined, but we tried. And I felt special. I miss singing now though ahahaha. Oh my goodness. Oh but Mom I was able to print out Sally DeFord's version of What Child is This that you have Hannah and me sing, and it's not too hard if I take out a third of the notes! Our zone leaders shot that one down, but it was still nice to practice it a bit. And then the week before I assumed someone else would be playing the piano at district meeting, but then they asked me last minute so I sightread a couple Christmas hymns. Basically your prayers are being answered and I'm on the piano a lot. Okay that was a super long paragraph.
WE HAD A SUPER GREAT MIRACLE THIS WEEK. A member in Ohio referred her brother and his wife to us. They're golden. Invited us right in. Felt like everything was directed toward them. Have 3 beautiful Hawaii children. Came to church. Oh wow they're amazing. I'll have to tell you more about them tomorrow when I call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay phew I guess I'll call early afternoon? Man I wanted to call when Trenton calls but he hasn't said anything about it and we don't email at the same time anymore.
TALK TO YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Parks

CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK!!!!! - December 17, 2012

Wow. That was a surprise when we discovered that at church yesterday. Wow. We're having an all-day Christmas conference with half the mission on Friday. There will be training and fun things and then we're topping off the day by doing a session at the Mesa temple all together and then going to see the temple Christmas lights. AWESOME. I am so grateful to be in an area that is so close to a temple.
I didn't get Elder Parks's email last week for some reason. He's getting transferred? Wow. I was so surprised that Sister Pilcher was getting transferred. DAD - HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS WITH SISTER BRUCKMAN ALREADY? It's not on the mission blog - I checked.
BUT YES I'M WITH SISTER BRUCKMAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy, eh? What a blessing. Everyone is so surprised when we tell them. Transfer week went pretty well. It was weird being all obedient again hahahahahaha. Wow. It'll be great.
The mission has a couple deals with people or something where we get extra food that they would normally throw out. We get a ton of bread a lot.
See my short hair?! I think I look 13 but everyone is saying that it's cute - even my stake president haha... awkward...
And surprise Carlos was actually baptized! We didn't think it was going through, but we went over Wednesday night and he said, "I just need to be baptized. I don't care what happens [he's having a ton of family problems right now] - I need the strength from being baptized." So he was! Seriously, there was Carlos's family, 8 missionaries (ugh we were so nervous) and it was POURING that day and everyone was freaking out haha. Anyway so the baptism went through with a lot of problems but Carlos is super happy and that's all that matters.
Excited to talk to you next week! I'm planning on calling sometime in the afternoon (I think I'm in the same time zone as Elder Parks now), but I'll let you know for sure next Monday.
It is pretty cold! Well I feel like a pansy. But it feels cold. Humidity with all the rain (Friday and Saturday! weird) was interesting to feel again hahaha.
Taylor - I LOVED your email. It was very sweet so thanks. And haha I never want to remember that Christmas. Just keep smiling :) What did you and Matt speak about?! Ah I am so jealous that Elder Haleck is in your ward. I love him. Okay not really... that's awkward.
Haha Mom I can't believe you did all those origami pianos. You are adorable. And I loved what you said about Hannah's choir concert - how moving! I want to hear that song one day. We're been hearing the scripture a lot in light of what has happened lately (from what we've heard). I love the peace the gospel brings.
Haha I'm supposed to learn how to play "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" and am having a really hard time hahaha. So we'll see if I can accompany my zone this Friday at the Christmas conference.
I'm sending you pictures that I'm not sure that I've already sent before. Oops!
Next week will be all pday because we have to be in by 6 hahaha. Love it.
Sister Parks

Hiiiii - December 11, 2012

I'm not  But please tell Tracie that I got her email and I loved it per usual. She's a total craze. Thank you for getting me her home address!!!
Sister Pilcher is getting transferred tomorrow but I'm staying. This will be the first time I stay in an area by myself. Scary!
It's chilly here haha. Like into the 40s in the morning and 70s during the day. It's nice. Sweaters.
Also, I feel really bad asking for Christmas presents. So please don't send things. I don't know why I asked for cardigans. It's probably just easier if I need things to get them myself. And especially since you're not letting me send you things.
Gah the white handbook says our letters home are supposed to be uplifting - I'm sorry that mine struggle so much.
Sister Pilcher and I love our wall Christmas tree! It was a great idea! We'll have to take a picture with it, but will need to work out the awful lighting first haha.
I have a refrigerator, so the magnet was cute. Thanks :)
Oh my gosh seriously can I have a copy of Trenton's line of authority?! That would be awesome. It doesn't need to be laminated or anything.
I'll look into the map thing Dad... although it might just be easier to mail me a map of my mission (oooh maybe I'll just make a copy of the one from my call packet... okay). And hahaha yeah I need to take a picture on my bike with my basket. Oh dear. I think President Taylor enjoys the emails I send him - they're not as exciting as the ones I send you.
Dad my camera is fine. I just hit the elders when they make fun of it (okay not really.. but sometimes... oh dear some things never change Tupac).
Also, I'm sorry but I have no patience and no time to go through the pictures hahaha. I'm sorry. I got a haircut this morning (super short!) and we're just out of time because Sister Pilcher has to pack. Our zone is getting 5 new missionaries (out of 12). It's crazy. We were spending as much time as we could with our district and zone this week. It was probably unhealthy. But we were all really close. Anyway. And the creepy van picture is what the ice cream trucks here look like... yeah...
Christmas day will probably be like Thanksgiving where we have to stay inside all day. I want to call before Elder Parks and have his call overlap mine about 10 minutes so I can hear his voice. I still need to keep my call between 30-40 minutes, so the conference call is a great idea. I liked it last time.
Love y'all lots! I'll email next week with who my new companion is and everything. And it looks like I'll have to send another email of pictures. Hahaha. Enjoy! HAVE A GREAT WEEK BECAUSE Y'ALL ARE TOTALLY AWESOME

Happy December! Get better Elder Parks! - December 3, 2012

My title lines are so creative - I know.
Taylor can I get a pedigree chart too?! Please?! Oh that would be awesome. As long as I can fit in my scriptures, I don't care what size it is. I should have come out with one... so embarrassed!
I GOT BOTH MY PACKAGES LAST WEEK AND THEY MADE ME SO HAPPY AND MADE ME FEEL SO SPOILED. BUT WOW YEAH THE PACKAGES WERE AWESOME. I loved them so much. We're going to wait to grow the crystal Christmas tree until just a few days before Christmas. Mom - can I open the present you sent? Sister Pilcher won't let me but it smells like chocolate!!!!! Oh and my zone leaders hate me haha because I get so much mail. Talk about an answer to prayer (about the packages and letters - not the zone leaders hating me). They're the ones that pick up the mail from the office and deliver it to me. I was so worried about coming out on a mission and being forgotten. But things are good. Please tell Denise thank you a billion times. I love the Andersons!!!!!!!!! My package was so sweet. And my Christmas package was adorable - thank you!
You can't just tell me not to send presents. You realize how silly that is right? hahahaha I'm going to send you at least something small, so you might as well tell me what you want. Especially Dad.
Taylor your Christmas tree is so adorable! You're such a real adult :)
Haha no Dad I don't have a horn on my bike - that would be a little much. And Mom unfortunately I still wear my backpack. So I guess I just look silly. But that's okay. My bike is beautiful and my helmet is legit.
Why is Elder Parks having to "figure out how to use the camera"? Remember how I sacrificed my nice camera so he could have one to take out? What happened to that camera parents?
Mom and Dad - please send Elder Arnie and Richie a Christmas letter and tell them how grateful you are for them! I love those elders. And they had some pretty golden investigators with you two haha.
Ahhh I get to talk to you in a month!!!!!!!!!!!! On the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom, at transfer meeting President Taylor assigns the designated driver. Generally it seems to be the senior companion. So like in Prescott, if Sister Falke couldn't drive, it went to Sister Bruckman because she was next senior companion, but then when Sister Culler came in I was next senior companion so I got to drive the truck when we were on splits away from Sister Falke. Make sense? hahahahaha
Also, I tried mailing Tracie's letter to Lizzie because I don't have an address for Tracie but it came back :( Can someone get Tracie's home address for me please? And maybe confirm Lizzie's? It would make me super happy. Wow - not an email goes by that I don't ask things from my precious family. Thanks...
This week was good. I don't have much time - in fact I'm ending now because I spent forever on my email to President.
NEXT WEEK MY PDAY WILL BE TUESDAY NOT MONDAY BECAUSE IT'S TRANSFERS. We are super sad this round because we're losing a third of our zone just for elders going home. Sad. But we signed our district leader's book and it was super epic and we made a collage of pictures of girls and told him to "go get em!" And then we sprayed it with nice-smelling perfume.  Nice.
Sister Parks