Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK!!!!! - December 17, 2012

Wow. That was a surprise when we discovered that at church yesterday. Wow. We're having an all-day Christmas conference with half the mission on Friday. There will be training and fun things and then we're topping off the day by doing a session at the Mesa temple all together and then going to see the temple Christmas lights. AWESOME. I am so grateful to be in an area that is so close to a temple.
I didn't get Elder Parks's email last week for some reason. He's getting transferred? Wow. I was so surprised that Sister Pilcher was getting transferred. DAD - HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS WITH SISTER BRUCKMAN ALREADY? It's not on the mission blog - I checked.
BUT YES I'M WITH SISTER BRUCKMAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy, eh? What a blessing. Everyone is so surprised when we tell them. Transfer week went pretty well. It was weird being all obedient again hahahahahaha. Wow. It'll be great.
The mission has a couple deals with people or something where we get extra food that they would normally throw out. We get a ton of bread a lot.
See my short hair?! I think I look 13 but everyone is saying that it's cute - even my stake president haha... awkward...
And surprise Carlos was actually baptized! We didn't think it was going through, but we went over Wednesday night and he said, "I just need to be baptized. I don't care what happens [he's having a ton of family problems right now] - I need the strength from being baptized." So he was! Seriously, there was Carlos's family, 8 missionaries (ugh we were so nervous) and it was POURING that day and everyone was freaking out haha. Anyway so the baptism went through with a lot of problems but Carlos is super happy and that's all that matters.
Excited to talk to you next week! I'm planning on calling sometime in the afternoon (I think I'm in the same time zone as Elder Parks now), but I'll let you know for sure next Monday.
It is pretty cold! Well I feel like a pansy. But it feels cold. Humidity with all the rain (Friday and Saturday! weird) was interesting to feel again hahaha.
Taylor - I LOVED your email. It was very sweet so thanks. And haha I never want to remember that Christmas. Just keep smiling :) What did you and Matt speak about?! Ah I am so jealous that Elder Haleck is in your ward. I love him. Okay not really... that's awkward.
Haha Mom I can't believe you did all those origami pianos. You are adorable. And I loved what you said about Hannah's choir concert - how moving! I want to hear that song one day. We're been hearing the scripture a lot in light of what has happened lately (from what we've heard). I love the peace the gospel brings.
Haha I'm supposed to learn how to play "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" and am having a really hard time hahaha. So we'll see if I can accompany my zone this Friday at the Christmas conference.
I'm sending you pictures that I'm not sure that I've already sent before. Oops!
Next week will be all pday because we have to be in by 6 hahaha. Love it.
Sister Parks

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