Monday, January 28, 2013

Pansies survive the cold! - January 14, 2013

Haha Mom I can't afford to have new years resolutions because I'm always making resolutions and I don't want to overwhelm myself hahahahahaha.
BUT neat experience on Wednesday. We had interviews with President Taylor and specialized training as a zone for about 5 hours (I LOVE MEETINGS - I THINK IT'S A SICKNESS). But for some reason, on that day I felt more confident as a missionary than I have in my entire mission. I felt... taller. It was amazing. I mean sure there were plenty of things to work on, but I felt so strong. Like something was finally changing in me and that I'm becoming who God needs me to be. It was incredible.
Mom - our Bishop just told us last night that there's a Rudy's nearby! It's just not in our mission. He said he'd have to get us some. I'm so excited!
Dad, a man we're teaching asked me what my dad does for a living and I had no idea. I told him that you had out paper towels in the men's bathroom hahahahahahaha.
Mom, you should ask your missionaries what they need for you to be a better member missionary! Most people will tell you that the best way is to be prepared to share your testimony and answer questions and just be a friend! The missionaries will love your sincere question, and they probably have specific needs right now that you, Dad, and Hannah can help them with.
Yes! We should all as a family have Elder Parks teach us family!

All right. To the week! This week was great. I enjoyed it thoroughly. We had dinner with our zone leaders because a family in our ward invited both of us. Awkward.
Hahaha but other than that yeah. We had so many appointments this week! It's so much fun to be out doing quality work that you can see the results of. And I was truly humbled this week. With Sister Pilcher we started teaching this less-active in the ward named Tracy, and I wasn't a huge fan of her for a while. But we've been teaching her and wow. Her progression has been incredible. And I really love her now! Anyway. I don't know. It's just been incredible. We're teaching this great kid named Neyo (yes, he's from Africa but not recently at all). He's 12 and is on fire. It takes a while for him to connect all the things we teach, so we're going really slow, but he wanted to be baptized immediately. He understands the importance of the covenant and has really understood how the restoration of the gospel gives him the most knowledge he can gain. It's pretty incredible. And it's been really fun teaching him. We're teaching really different people - some who I think we're going to have to go Primary-style on and others that we just blaze right through the lessons because they're accepting and loving everything. It's amazing also how when you teach by the Spirit, every single lesson is so different. So different.
Well sorry but I'm gonna go. These emails are always lame. Hopefully the individual responses sufficed. Kyle Allen and Ariel wrote me and I got a letter from Lizzie and I have a ton from before Christmas to catch up on. And a new coat to buy. Hahaha Pdays go so fast for a lot of reasons.
LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH. Really. Let me know how it goes with school stuff please so I can stop worrying. AND THANKS FOR ALWAYS DOING EVERYTHING I ASK - it's hard not to be in control sometimes.
Sister Parks

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