Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hiiiii - December 11, 2012

I'm not  But please tell Tracie that I got her email and I loved it per usual. She's a total craze. Thank you for getting me her home address!!!
Sister Pilcher is getting transferred tomorrow but I'm staying. This will be the first time I stay in an area by myself. Scary!
It's chilly here haha. Like into the 40s in the morning and 70s during the day. It's nice. Sweaters.
Also, I feel really bad asking for Christmas presents. So please don't send things. I don't know why I asked for cardigans. It's probably just easier if I need things to get them myself. And especially since you're not letting me send you things.
Gah the white handbook says our letters home are supposed to be uplifting - I'm sorry that mine struggle so much.
Sister Pilcher and I love our wall Christmas tree! It was a great idea! We'll have to take a picture with it, but will need to work out the awful lighting first haha.
I have a refrigerator, so the magnet was cute. Thanks :)
Oh my gosh seriously can I have a copy of Trenton's line of authority?! That would be awesome. It doesn't need to be laminated or anything.
I'll look into the map thing Dad... although it might just be easier to mail me a map of my mission (oooh maybe I'll just make a copy of the one from my call packet... okay). And hahaha yeah I need to take a picture on my bike with my basket. Oh dear. I think President Taylor enjoys the emails I send him - they're not as exciting as the ones I send you.
Dad my camera is fine. I just hit the elders when they make fun of it (okay not really.. but sometimes... oh dear some things never change Tupac).
Also, I'm sorry but I have no patience and no time to go through the pictures hahaha. I'm sorry. I got a haircut this morning (super short!) and we're just out of time because Sister Pilcher has to pack. Our zone is getting 5 new missionaries (out of 12). It's crazy. We were spending as much time as we could with our district and zone this week. It was probably unhealthy. But we were all really close. Anyway. And the creepy van picture is what the ice cream trucks here look like... yeah...
Christmas day will probably be like Thanksgiving where we have to stay inside all day. I want to call before Elder Parks and have his call overlap mine about 10 minutes so I can hear his voice. I still need to keep my call between 30-40 minutes, so the conference call is a great idea. I liked it last time.
Love y'all lots! I'll email next week with who my new companion is and everything. And it looks like I'll have to send another email of pictures. Hahaha. Enjoy! HAVE A GREAT WEEK BECAUSE Y'ALL ARE TOTALLY AWESOME

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