Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HIIIII AHHHHHH - December 24, 2012

It's totally Christmas tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Taylor gave me the letter from y'all on Friday and didn't tell me who it was from and that I couldn't open it until Christmas Eve hahaha. She's so cute.
Oh my gosh I got so many Christmas cards from family and from the ward! It was so cute. When I saw the one from the Andersons I totally cried. Oh dear. I just love them. I can't believe they had the Trail of Lights this year!!!!! That's totally awesome!
No worries - I'm not calling today. Not until tomorrow.
The temple was BEAUTIFUL. And President Taylor hugged all of us sisters in the celestial room! SO HAPPY. Then we walked around looking at the lights - I totally forgot my camera cord though so I'll have to send them next week. Sister Murdock was in my group so that was really nice. Love her! And we got to talk to Elder Knabe a lot from our MTC district which was great too. One of these days I hope to serve with him haha. We've never been remotely close thus far in the mission.
Aw little Elder Parks the District Leader. I'm SO proud of him!
The elders in our zone are super jealous that Sister Bruckman and I get so much mail hahaha so Sister Bruckman and I have great plans to have Hannah and all her darling friends and all of Sister Bruckman's old friends write them. That should make them stop complaining. Haha and we got our Christmas packages after the temple on Friday but the zone leaders are holding them hostage until today.
I'm loving my time with  Sister Bruckman! It's nice to be able to express my opinion - I try and let her do so as well haha. Oh my gosh I'm so bossy. And I need to be more patient with her driving. Utahans... She's helping me a ton though and is super understanding.
Carlos is doing pretty great! He got work and came straight down from work (in his work clothes because he didn't have time to change) to church because he knows how important the sacrament is. He's very special. I hope things get better in his family soon.
Mom - for the Christmas conference there was no one else tp play the piano so, after a ton of practice, I can now play "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". I looked at the Sally DeFord version and almost cried in distress, so I just stuck with the hymn version. It was okay haha. Our zone is not very musically inclined, but we tried. And I felt special. I miss singing now though ahahaha. Oh my goodness. Oh but Mom I was able to print out Sally DeFord's version of What Child is This that you have Hannah and me sing, and it's not too hard if I take out a third of the notes! Our zone leaders shot that one down, but it was still nice to practice it a bit. And then the week before I assumed someone else would be playing the piano at district meeting, but then they asked me last minute so I sightread a couple Christmas hymns. Basically your prayers are being answered and I'm on the piano a lot. Okay that was a super long paragraph.
WE HAD A SUPER GREAT MIRACLE THIS WEEK. A member in Ohio referred her brother and his wife to us. They're golden. Invited us right in. Felt like everything was directed toward them. Have 3 beautiful Hawaii children. Came to church. Oh wow they're amazing. I'll have to tell you more about them tomorrow when I call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay phew I guess I'll call early afternoon? Man I wanted to call when Trenton calls but he hasn't said anything about it and we don't email at the same time anymore.
TALK TO YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Parks

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