Monday, January 28, 2013

WWWHHHHHAAA?! - January 28, 2013

Okay. Phew. I think I'm semi-over that now. Wow. Good thing I haven't written Ariel back yet. Wow. And Denise is still the Relief Society President? Wow. That's probably worse than being a mission president and his wife. You're going to have to raise Ben.
And who is Ali Hancock getting married to?! That's awesome.
Man Nolan is getting married too? Wow.
Meh my talk was okay. I left Sister Bruckman about 7 minutes and she left our ward mission leader about 5 minutes (he took 10). Someone told me I should go into public speaking and I just laughed.
Bleh I am so trunky. It's terrible. There's something terrifying about only have 6 months left as a missionary. Okay done. I'm done thinking about it. Pressing forward!
Um this week was interesting. Other elders in our zones (one that Hannah SHOULD have written by now!!!!!!!!!!) had a baptism on Saturday that both the Madronas and Neyo came to. Afterward, the zone leaders and both district leaders in our area conducted 5 baptism interviews! January was a rough month for our zone, but it looks like February will be on fire! It was exciting. The ward is very attached to these investigators which makes our job as missionaries so much easier and the investigator's conversion to the gospel some much more solid. We are very excited.
On the other hand, we are desperate to find more people to teach. We have been complete wimps in our contacting and need to go out and be finding people. We have a lot of potential people but have had a really hard time meeting with them.
Lalala. I've still been keeping track of daily miracles on the calendar Taylor made me. It's so fun to think of the times that I was just bursting with joy that day. Definitely helps to capture those snapshots of the good times rather than the not-as-good times.
I didn't prepare very well for my talk. I wasn't quite sure what the youth needed to hear, so I wasn't sure what to say. But I found myself up there talking and was just very bold in my declaration about how this truly is the only way to complete happiness and complete peace. Fascinating how we're the only ones that have it and are usually scared to share it with others. I told the ward that sharing the gospel with random strangers is a lot easier (it is). I take a lot of comfort from the first and last sections in the first chapter of Preach My Gospel. Since every member is a missionary, it applies to you too!
Oh and I found the sheet music to "This is the Christ". Ecstatic!
And yes, the Madronas are getting baptized this Saturday! They are so excited. Sister Madrona is like addicted to feeling the Spirit - it's hilarious and wonderful. We are so blessed to work with them - they're a miracle.
My district leader, Elder Brothers, led us in an interesting discussion about praying with real intent last week at our district meeting. I felt infinitely more aware of how my own prayers can be more guided by the Spirit and also how I can be better about recognizing even the smallest answers to prayers and remembering to give thanks. I also feel more aware of how the prayers from you are very real and how they affect me.
And we've been talking a lot about the character of Christ and how His choice was always to reach out when others would reach in (Mosiah 3:19). I mean He did missionary work on the cross! Our district used that as our focus this week in personal study, and it's been neat to see the examples of how Christ always reached out.
OKAY LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Maybe one day I'll send a good-quality email. One day hahaha.
Know that you're definitely in my prayers. As hard as it is to be away from you, I have felt so much solace and comfort in my prayers about and for you and even in blessings I've received. This opportunity you're helping me to have is irreplaceable to me. It's fun - I get to help people become better sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, etc as I help them come closer to Christ. Amazingly, the same thing happens for me as well. Become better! That's the blessing.
Sister Parks

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