Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year (you have to say it like in Showboat) - December 31, 2012

1 - Still no letter from Aunt Kathleen yet, but I'll keep you updated.
2 - Dad we just leave the extra money we have on the card because we end up using it the next month. It just stays on the card and rolls over to the next month and then you have a bad month for meals and other things and so you end up using all your money almost every month. Rarely does more than $5 roll over.
3 - Christmas Day was good. So relaxing! It definitely went as planned. Getting back to work on Wednesday was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but Thursday was pretty rough haha.
4 - I'm using my purple coat now because it gets down into the 40s. And I've become a pansy after finally getting used to 110 degrees every day.
5 - the people from the Ohio referral are doing so great! They take everything so well and let the Spirit come right in. They're reading and keep commitments and coming to church. They're a miracle, and we always walk out stunned and amazed. The ward is taking to them very well - everyone wants to come to their appointments haha. Their names are Lindsey and Conrad. Conrad's brother-in-law (so the husband of the member in Ohio who sent the referral) is going to baptize them. So they're figuring all of that out. It's amazing.
6 - Tonight we have to be in by 6 - no exceptions. And then tomorrow we are only allowed out by appointment only. So basically we'll just go to our appointments and then stay home and sleep, clean, and write letters. Kind of 2 Pdays in a row which is nice.

I sent a package. It's lame, but you should get it today. Matt - I never know what to get you  haha. I sent you the pamphlet because whenever I see cheesy things, I try and imagine what you would say to make fun of it because you're like the funniest person I know.
Hahaha Mom that is so funny about the "no funding" and Christmas gifts. Wow. It makes sense, but I never thought of it that way. How funny.
These are the billion pictures I meant to send. Let me know if you have any questions haha.
So we're teaching this kid named Neyo - he's 12 and awesome. His family is from a country in Africa - Liberia. I'm pretty sure I've met 50 people from that country just here in North Phoenix. It's crazy. Anyway he came to church a couple times with his uncle who got baptized in Denver. One night we went by and right there at the door asked him if he wanted to be baptized. It was probably not very reverent, but he said yes and so now we're teaching him. He is so interesting to teach, and we really have to change our style for him. He has a lot of ideas about God and so we get to explain quite a lot to him that we don't explain to other people. Does that make sense? Like certain concepts we can glide right over with older investigators that he takes a long time understanding whereas other concepts he has no problem with while others do. It's fun. He's a great kid. He said that when he prayed about being baptized, God told him that he should be baptized next week. So we had to explain more of what being baptized included, but hopefully he will be baptized soon.
Mom, the Spanish elders asked me to play the piano for their baptism because no one in their ward plays. I totally beefed it, but I got to be Hermana Parks in the program! It was awesome. I think God wants me to do something with piano, because He's not letting me escape it right now.
We have interviews with President soon! I'm super excited.
My hands are totally frozen and nothing I'm writing is making sense. And they're trying to get us out of here so they can fix the family history center computers haha.
FAMILY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. It was so great to talk to you. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy 2013! Wow. It's totally crazy.
And Hugh Jackman singing is going to be a distracting thought in my mind for probably the next 3 days :) Thanks Mom. Ah. FOCUSED.
Yeah my hands are really cold. LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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