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Happy December! Get better Elder Parks! - December 3, 2012

My title lines are so creative - I know.
Taylor can I get a pedigree chart too?! Please?! Oh that would be awesome. As long as I can fit in my scriptures, I don't care what size it is. I should have come out with one... so embarrassed!
I GOT BOTH MY PACKAGES LAST WEEK AND THEY MADE ME SO HAPPY AND MADE ME FEEL SO SPOILED. BUT WOW YEAH THE PACKAGES WERE AWESOME. I loved them so much. We're going to wait to grow the crystal Christmas tree until just a few days before Christmas. Mom - can I open the present you sent? Sister Pilcher won't let me but it smells like chocolate!!!!! Oh and my zone leaders hate me haha because I get so much mail. Talk about an answer to prayer (about the packages and letters - not the zone leaders hating me). They're the ones that pick up the mail from the office and deliver it to me. I was so worried about coming out on a mission and being forgotten. But things are good. Please tell Denise thank you a billion times. I love the Andersons!!!!!!!!! My package was so sweet. And my Christmas package was adorable - thank you!
You can't just tell me not to send presents. You realize how silly that is right? hahahaha I'm going to send you at least something small, so you might as well tell me what you want. Especially Dad.
Taylor your Christmas tree is so adorable! You're such a real adult :)
Haha no Dad I don't have a horn on my bike - that would be a little much. And Mom unfortunately I still wear my backpack. So I guess I just look silly. But that's okay. My bike is beautiful and my helmet is legit.
Why is Elder Parks having to "figure out how to use the camera"? Remember how I sacrificed my nice camera so he could have one to take out? What happened to that camera parents?
Mom and Dad - please send Elder Arnie and Richie a Christmas letter and tell them how grateful you are for them! I love those elders. And they had some pretty golden investigators with you two haha.
Ahhh I get to talk to you in a month!!!!!!!!!!!! On the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom, at transfer meeting President Taylor assigns the designated driver. Generally it seems to be the senior companion. So like in Prescott, if Sister Falke couldn't drive, it went to Sister Bruckman because she was next senior companion, but then when Sister Culler came in I was next senior companion so I got to drive the truck when we were on splits away from Sister Falke. Make sense? hahahahaha
Also, I tried mailing Tracie's letter to Lizzie because I don't have an address for Tracie but it came back :( Can someone get Tracie's home address for me please? And maybe confirm Lizzie's? It would make me super happy. Wow - not an email goes by that I don't ask things from my precious family. Thanks...
This week was good. I don't have much time - in fact I'm ending now because I spent forever on my email to President.
NEXT WEEK MY PDAY WILL BE TUESDAY NOT MONDAY BECAUSE IT'S TRANSFERS. We are super sad this round because we're losing a third of our zone just for elders going home. Sad. But we signed our district leader's book and it was super epic and we made a collage of pictures of girls and told him to "go get em!" And then we sprayed it with nice-smelling perfume.  Nice.
Sister Parks

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