Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy December! - November 26, 2012

Haha Sister Pilcher couldn't even make it to Thanksgiving - we've been listening to Christmas music since the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
I bought a basket for my bike last Monday - my back was killing me even just carrying a Book of Mormon, water, and my scriptures. I feel like such a pansy now, but it's okay. And it's a lot harder to balance haha. But no wipeouts yet! Yay!
Oh and President Taylor wanted us to make sure that our families knew about the mission blogs - one is what Sister Taylor puts together from most of our activities and the other is more FAQs and is awesome. Apparently! So we've been at emails for way too long already because all of us got super distracted by the blogs and how awesome they are! anyway here are the sites:
Thanksgiving was good. Our rules were no sports or TV (duh), no visits unless you have an appointment, and dinner appointments had to be less than an hour. Our district got together in the morning for a couple hours and played Risk and a couple card games. Then we went and had lunch at an investigator's house (Carlos who's getting baptized on the 15th!). We went home and napped. That was awesome. Then our ward mission leader and his wife had us over for some Thanksgiving dinner! So we were home by like 6:30 I think and super bored. So we talked to the elders for a while and had scripture wars and pick up line contests (we have like 3 elders going home). Anyway. Slightly less than productive day. Thankfully I wasn't homesick until I saw all the pictures today at emails haha. I didn't eat anything crazy. Yay stateside English-speaking mission!
Sister Pilcher has recovered well. Although on Saturday haha she slept on her neck wrong and couldn't turn to the right so I got to drive the car that day! It was awesome. So nice to actually go the speed limit, feel safe, and have a bit more say on where we're going! And not have to have the phone! I'm feeling okay. I've been taking Vitamin C and drinking extra water.
I don't know how it works in Trenton's mission, but in our mission consecrated housing is like a 3-year contract and they pay the utilities every month I think. In Prescott, the lady we were living with had renewed her contract every time for like 30 years hahaha. So it's not a lot of money that they're given, but it saves the mission SO MUCH money by having them in houses rather than apartments.
Mom you asked about gift cards for Christmas - honestly we don't have much time to eat anywhere haha. So maybe like fast food - like Wendy's or Jack in the Box. It's not a bad idea, but something like Wal-Mart of Ross would be better. As sisters, we usually do okay on food during the month. And I could always use cardigans hint hint. Lightweight or heavier, whatever. Mine are wearing out so fast. But I do have to give credit for my Lone Peak roommates getting me into cardigans. I don't know. Tell people they don't have to give me anything for Christmas.
ALSO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO FOR CHRISTMAS? I'm debating sending a whole bunch of stuff to Hannah, Taylor, and Mom collectively because I have no idea what to get you anymore. I have some clothes/jewelry I've been collecting throughout the mission with y'all in mind (whoops I just gave it away but it's okay). Dad I'm not sure. Hahaha Matt and Elder Parks I have no idea. Oh dear. I'll probably try to send everything super early.
Sister Pilcher is doing well.
I don't want anything for Christmas.
2 more weeks until transfers.
And our zone for some reason has been on a kick about glasses - everyone wants RayBans and were super impressed by mine. I made sure to tell them that my mom and sister mostly picked them out because I was way too stressed out about having to wear glasses full-time and oh yeah leaving on my mission. Just thought you should know that everyone loves my glasses haha. Good pick!
10 Things I'm grateful for:
1. that initial burst of speed and excitement when you first start running
2. letters from the Anderson family - especially how Denise gives me all the facts about life (which is so awesome!) and then Ben gives me his humorous take on the same events and more (hilarious!)
3. how my parents email me every week!!!!!!!!!!
4. the way "Sister Parks" looks in any way and in any place (especially on my nametag)
5. the perception people have of me back home and what kind of a missionary I am - it really helps me want to become that
6. recognizing different ways the Spirit speaks to me and helps me along
7. books!
8. duh my most amazing family of all time
9. no food allergies!
10. LOVE - mostly being loved and being able to love
This week was fine. We were able to have a pass-off lesson with the zone leaders (so they could take a YSA from us) and it was so neat to be able to see them teach. They're really good. Gave us some things to work on.
And this email might be my shortest one ever! Yay!
Also, sorry that I don't get to respond to your personal email often. Just know that I seriously love them so much and am so grateful for them. I wish I could respond to everything you say because it's all so good! I love each and every one of you. What a great family we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's great to be able to depend on each other.
I hope this week finds all of you well and wonderful. Keep smiling! And share with everyone hahahahaha
Sister Parks

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