Monday, November 26, 2012

HIIIIIIIIIII - October 30, 2012

Hello my darling family!
We're sitting here in the family history center waiting for the text to tell us if we're being transferred or not. Yay.
Let's see. Happy early Halloween! We have to be in at 6.
MONDAY: GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE. IT WAS AWESOME. I OPENED A PRESENT A DAY. It's all so cute!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! We were expecting to have a lesson with James to discuss his baptism on Saturday or Friday and it ended up being a pizza party. It was super uncomfortable. But we managed to go over the baptism questions with him and set an appointment for Tuesday.
TUESDAY: Tuesday was crazy. We were biking and ran into this guy who was clearing dead trees. We offered to help and called the Spanish elders to come over and help us too. Turned out the guy was super needy and rude so we left after some hard labor moving giant tree limbs and truck sections. Sad. That night though we had coordination (this is the meeting led by the ward mission leader that we have weekly where we make specific plans on how we're going to help those we're working with) and two lessons. We had to be very blunt with James and dispell some false doctrine that he believed. So that was interesting.
I'M NOT BEING TRANSFERRED. So.... Ha. Yeah. Please pray for me.
WEDNESDAY: We met with our young ward mission leader in the other ward and started developing a ward mission plan. It's nice to see him taking his responsibilities more seriously and realizing there's more to it. We stopped by the Spanish elders' apartment because they had our mail and we had Elder Anderson's voting ballot. Anyway we went a different way than we normally do and knocked on a door that was opened by a half-naked Mexican man... yeah... awkward. It was pretty funny though  - we had a good laugh.
THURSDAY: Dinner with our Bishop which was good. James had his interview with President Taylor for baptism. We were on bike all day because we're completely out of miles. It was funny.
FRIDAY: District meeting was awesome as usual. Then we had lunch together at a district. A member happened to be there and paid for our meal! It was so sweet. Then James was baptized that night. There were a ton of people there, including President and Sister Taylor. The Spirit was really strong, and Sister Pilcher and I gave a presentation on the Atonement. A lovely baptism.
SATURDAY: Service project at 7 in the morning. We got to wear the Mormon Helping Hands vests! I was so excited. We were cleaning up a golf course and it was super hard work. We were totally drained haha. The Spanish elders sang happy birthday to me in Spanish. There was a wedding that night for Angela and Josh at the church right after the Halloween party, so everyone was in costume.
SUNDAY: Josh was baptized at 8 am. Very nice too. There was a surprisingly large amount of people there, so that was wonderful. Lots of meetings.
YESTERDAY: Bikes. We met a really cool guy named Pavel from Poland. He was a sociology major! We talked for a super long time outside his house near where our bikes were parked. Then we went home for lunch and Sister Pilcher fell asleep during it and then she woke up and started getting sick. So we stayed home for a bit while she kept getting sick. It was gross.
Ha I have no idea what to talk about. I got a really sweet letter and card from Grandma. That was nice.
It's good to get your emails. Thank you very much. Love y'all a ton!
Love, Sister Parks

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