Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh yeah... happy anniversary... I TOTALLY REMEMBERED ON TUESDAY! - June 17, 2013

Yeah sorry. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! There's a new Star Trek out? Weird. Oh and happy birthday to Miss Lizzie Fotheringham Williams. Her birthday is on your anniversary and in my email time I spaced that too. June has been a really weird month haha. And hot. Oh wow it's so hot here. I'm going to buy one of those "tube sock" do thingies so I can have more professional updos. We'll see.
Well we totally took some cute pictures this week and I forgot my card reader... so... SORRY!
I officially have permission to go see Chris and Shea get sealed!!!!! I'm so excited :) And Sister Barnett will get to stay with our Hermanas here in the area so she's really excited too.
Also Dad you have to watch this video. I found it when we did time this past week and I cried. Love you. The Mother's Day video is good too, but I think the Father's Day one is better.
The June 23rd broadcast will be incredible. We know of one announcement they're going to make that will change missionary work, but we're not supposed to tell yet. Other than that, I only know it will be awesome and that we've been told from the proselyting department to expect big changes. So go!
Haha Mom I think the idea to stay out all night with a pellet gun will work great with the deer! Go get em tiger :) There are so many doves and pigeons here. I wish for a BB gun all the time hahaha. Not really!!!!! But sort of...
Hannah sounds like such a good daughter taking care of Dad's Father's Day :)
Uh are you seriously getting ridding of the fireplace? That's a joke, right?
This week will be cool. Going on exchanges again (I'll be in Sun City) and then we have a trainer/trainee meeting follow-up. Sister Vallejo will be there with her trainee, whom Sister Barnett knows and loves from the MTC, so we're planning on going out to lunch afterward. Isn't it crazy how fast you can bond with people?
We met a couple that we talked to for a while. The were raised in one religion but have been super disillusioned by it. He, Casey, discovered meditation and got really into that with Slyvia. It was interesting talking to them and seeing the similarities between their quest for truth and our quest for truth. Every lesson I've ever taught on the mission has been totally different.
Um. Nothing much else to report. Time flies. Still many things to improve on and lots of experiences to have.
Well I should probably head out. Life continues to roll along.
Love y'all lots. Hope your weeks are beautiful and wonderful.
Sister Parks

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