Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Story & Some News!

I, Hannah, have a quick story to share that Hilary told us on Tuesday on the PHONE! That's right, phone! She got to call us (for a whopping 12 minutes!) while she was in the airport about to head to Phoenix! She said she'll give us the address asap, and we'll put that up on the blog.

It was the night before she was to leave the MTC and she wanted to give Trenton one last hug goodbye. So she goes up to the main desk and asks if they could page him. The man behind the desk told him he couldn't page him, then from behind him Hilary heard, "I'm making an executive decision. Page her brother, she won't be seeing him for 2 years!"

So they paged Trenton and he and Hilary were able to say goodbye and hug one last time!
She also said she wanted him to sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" but they knew they would be crying, so they decided not to. Haha

ALSO, we got a call from Hilary's mission president today and they told us that she's rooming with TWO sisters so they're a little threesome right now. She's serving in the Prescott area, about an hour and a half north of Phoenix. It's pretty hilly so they get a TRUCK to drive! Also, the mission president's wife has a blog and she put up pictures of the new recruits and you can see Hilary!! It's the "NEW MISSIONARIES Feb. 2012" post. I'll link it below, and also put it on the side bar to the right so you can continue to check for pictures.


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