Monday, April 16, 2012

HELLO? - April 3, 2012

Is Trenton leaving this week? Crazy. Does he get to call you?
No I'm not being transferred so I'm still staying for at least another 6 weeks. Please send the package wherever you want. Maybe if you send it to Prescott put c/o Barbara Hutchins. But if you send it soon, I know my zone leaders are going to Phoenix a few times in the next couple of weeks. Thanks! Also, I get to check my email even if I'm being transferred unlike the MTC transfer. So...
One of our zone leaders is being transferred. We are super sad. Our zone leaders are awesome. So thankfully we're keeping one. We had a baptism this Sunday and our whole district was there which was awesome. We took some pictures since it'll be different starting tomorrow.
So Ashleigh was baptized this Sunday. It was pretty awesome. She started off as this awesome girl with gages and blue hair and super shy (like wouldn't even talk to us) and now has slightly less blue hair, a lot less piercings, and will pray in front of us! She's just made a ton of changes in her life, and it's been amazing to watch her grow and change as she's realized how much her Heavenly Father loves her and how she can have a personal relationship with Him.
General Conference was awesome! It's amazing how uplifting and encouraging it is every single time and for every session. Did Taylor and Matt go to a session? How was priesthood session? Ugh I wish everyone in the world would listen to general conference. It is that awesome.
We're desperately looking for new investigators right now. So a lot of proselyting. Which is hard because it's hard to feel as purposeful as the rest of our schedule.
Also, I ate scrambled eggs yesterday. Yuck. It's probably a good thing I was called to the United States. A member fed us lunch so I didn't want to say anything because hello they're just eggs. But I doused them in salsa.
Also do we know a John J. Naylor in our stake? Is there one in our stake at all?
Can Taylor send me the recipe for that crock pot chicken creamy thing?
What are you doing for Easter? We're really enjoying sharing Easter messages with people and that Christ lives and still leads His church. Isn't it cool that because of Him we all get to be resurrected? Nice.
It randomly dropped in temperature here like 20 degrees the past two days. So Prescott is nice. I think I might live here one day if Texas doesn't work out. There's an aeronautical college here that is super good apparently here in Prescott that Trenton could go to... Just saying...
Well I'm not really sure what else to say honestly. All I want to do is share my testimony and all the cool things I've learned haha.
So yeah I just hope that everyone is still alive and well. I'm honestly a little concerned since Dad was the only one that emailed me this week haha. Requirement: everyone needs to send me at least a line so I know you're alive. Thanks.
Exchanges was pretty interesting. Sister Chord and Swallow's area is literally 2 miles by 2 miles but they have a car. It was very warm down in Deer Valley. It made me super grateful for Prescott. It was really weird because literally every single one of our appointments fell through. Hahaha so that was cool.
This whole week since Wednesday actually has been pretty weird. So Tuesday night we went for exchanges and I was in Deer Valley all Wednesday. Then Friday we went down to Phoenix for a Trainer/Trainee meeting. Saturday and Sunday was General Conference. And then Pday is today, not yesterday (Monday). We're a little weirded out. But it's officially April now! We're very excited.
Hope everyone is doing well and that life is just utterly fantastic. I love my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Parks

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