Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a winter wonderland - March 19, 2012

So. It snowed. A lot. Saturday night we were expecting 3 inches when we woke up Sunday morning. We had like 8 inches of snow. And it snowed a little more last night.
We had Sisters Training down in Phoenix last Wednesday and were the only companionship there with a truck. And all the sisters were jealous and confused as to why we had a truck, so when we woke up and dug ourselves out of the snow and drove down the hills and valleys with 4-wheel drive, we all exclaimed, "THAT'S why we have a truck with 4-wheel drive!" So there. I am very blessed to be in Prescott. The temperature is only in the 20s so it's not that bad at all. A lot like Utah. I'm wearing my red flats that Taylor gave me because they stay on really well as I go through the snow and they're super waterproof. The elders think we're crazy, but we obviously don't have anything else to wear. Ironically the only reason I have sweaters and my purple coat is because I was going to be in Provo in February, so I'm glad I brought all that stuff and have it with me.
We FINALLY have our last Ward Mission Leader and are super excited to get the work going. We have a ward mission plan in which each auxillary comes up with 5 names and then they take us to appointments with them. It's a way to reactivate people, meet new people, and just let the ward really tell us what they want so we can help them strengthen.
One of our investigators who had a baptismal date called us and said that she didn't want to be baptized anymore. We are really sad but are meeting with her tomorrow to see what her hangup is.
We spent quite a bit of time going through our 3 area books and finally figuring out who is in what ward and making copies of everything for our ward mission leaders which was pretty exciting but kind of annoying. So hopefully we never have to do that again.
We just started teaching a new family with 5 kids and they are positively amazing. We're taking them on a church tour this week but I'll be in Deer Valley that day so I'm kind of sad! But they're super amazing and we love talking with them and teaching them the restored gospel. But yeah I go on my first exchange this week! I'm going down to Deer Valley for 24 hours (8 pm to 8 pm) with Sister Chord and then Sister Swallow is coming up here to be with Sister Bruckman and Sister Falke. So thankfully I don't have to know where I'm going and everything. I'll just go by the Spirit and let Sister Chord drive me everywhere!
Sisters Specialized Training Meeting was pretty cool! It was so AWESOME to see Sister Murdock and Sister Bailey again. I probably spent too much time with them but that's okay. And oh my gosh the food was incredible. Wow. So we went on a little hike just down the street from where the Phoenix Temple is being built (wow it's going to be beautiful) and along the hike talked about how the gospel of Jesus Christ leads us to make more covenants in the temple which leads us to the celestial kingdom! Awesome, right? Right. And then we learned this new thing where we weave Lesson 3 into Lesson 1 as we teach it (get out your Preach My Gospel and look this up) which is amazing because it's all amazing how it all goes together. When we teach Lesson 1 correctly, people understand that something is missing, it has now been restored, and that priesthood authority makes it possible for there to be one baptism and one church and one Lord and such (see Ephesians 4).
We met another new family through an older couple in the ward who have been connected with the family for years, and want the younger generation (so it's a couple and their two [almost 3!] children) to know about the gospel and feel it enrich their lives. So they're pretty awesome and we just started teaching them this week too.
Had an amazing experience last night where our one investigator with a baptismal date received a blessing from our zone leaders. I LOVE BLESSINGS SO MUCH. I love that through the restored priesthood authority to know God's will and act in His name. The blessing was beautiful and addressed those things that Ashleigh was concerned about - some things we knew and some things that only God knew - which was evident as she talked to us a little bit about it later. We hope that she realizes that she's such a beloved daughter of our Father in heaven and that He WANTS to hear from her all the time.
Anyway nothing much else to report for this week! Ha I never really know what to say. Keep praying that the Phoenix Temple will be finished BEFORE I LEAVE so that I can spend the last part of my mission being a tour guide. I literally cannot think of a better way to finish my mission (other than like 50 baptisms or at new investigators).
The hiking pictures are from Sister Training. We took the snow pictures this morning. I dropped my CTR ring in the toilet and had to fish it out.  Do you like my new Arizona shirt? I spent like 45 minutes at Walgreens picking it out. There was a lizard (gecko?) on my window. Our truck bed is completely full of snow.
I love all of you so much. On to individual emails! It was really nice to get an email from Fisher as she finally alerted me that she's engaged. Do they have a date yet? I'm so excited. Her ring looks legit, but it was hard to tell in the pictures. And Tracie = failblog hahahahaha. So Hannah be sure to send her that file so that she remembers who I am. That would be nice. Also, we only have zone conferences like once a month, so for you family and such go ahead and send things to my real address - the Country Park Drive address - so I can get mail in a timely manner.
I think that's it. Wow I spent a long time. It's fun and sometimes distracting to be here in the Family History Center with half the zone because the elders are super distracting.
Sister Parks

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