Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012

So it has been an absolutely fascinating week of lots of ups and downs. I'll try not to get too emotional or too apathetic. It's crazy honestly how that happens.
Thanks for the news about Nathan. That was hard.
We have felt pretty aimless this week as we have like 0 progressing investigators and 0 new investigators. This is probably our worst week numbers-wise in my entire mission. So it's just been hard.
It's interesting to see how this trio works. This week especially we've had glimpses of how easily this companionship could topple over into disaster. And that's honestly when we don't have the Spirit with us. We've had a couple of those moments this week as we focus inward and get discouraged. It's totally not okay and we have to correct it quickly. I'm really grateful that God with His infinite knowledge knows that this companionship needs to work and smooths everything over. I honestly laugh to myself and say a prayer of gratitude every time I realize that this companionships actually works. We get horror stories all the time of trios that don't work and we've been together like 3 months now.
This past Thursday we had something called Zone Conference. So up until now I've been to district meetings which are every Friday with my district (so 3 of the companionships in the Prescott area). Then we've had zone meeting which is just with our zone (the 8 companionships in the Prescott area) and sisters specialized training which is the sisters in the mission. Anyway well Zone Conference is multiple zones all together. So we drove the hour and a half down to Deer Valley to have an amazing zone conference. It was an all-day event. Literally like we left at like 7:30 and got back into Prescott for our coordination meetings at 7:00 that night. It was crazy. But amazing! One of the Deer Valley stake presidents spoke to us, as did the building coordinator for the Phoenix Temple, and of course President and Sister Taylor. My zone leaders and a couple other zone leaders led us in specialized training and practice. And we had lunch of course haha. But it was super uplifting despite all the calls to repentance haha. It's amazing how those chastisements come off so inspiring when you know it's motivated by love. Kind of makes us think of what we're doing as missionaries. Oh and also Elders Knobbe and Beck and Sister Murdock were all there from my MTC district! Super cool. Elder Knobbe is already training which is totally ridiculous. I was so surprised because there are a billion elders in the zone (okay just like 170) and Elder Knobbe just finished his own training. We both predicted that he'll be a zone leader in Prescott (so replacing Elder Nelson when he leaves in September) in two transfers when he's done training his greenie.
Oh and then the district blitz! Did I tell you about that? Yeah so our companionship is struggling the most in our district, so this past Saturday our 3-companionship district went to an apartment complex in our area and literally knocked doors and offered to pray with people for 2 hours. I'm pretty sure we only missed like 10 apartments or something. We were super pumped and really excited to bless people's lives and their families. We had 4 great conversations and prayed with 2 people. The elders had similar results. It was a really great experience. And then since we ended at like 8:15 which is when all of us take dinner, the zone leaders had made brownies for Elder Keele's birthday and we sat on the grass and ate brownies together. It was really nice. I just love our elders! It was a really good experience, especially as that morning was AWFUL. Awful.
We're going on exchanges this Wednesday! And guess what?! I'm staying in Prescott by myself! And Sister Murdock (my old roommate!!!!!!!!!) is coming up!!!!!!!!!! So I'm going to drive our truck! It's so crazy. I'm very excited for this opportunity to see how the two of us have grown in different ways. And then later in this transfer (so in the next like 4 weeks) we'll be going on exchanges with Sister Bailey and her companion again!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Exchanges are a really cool time to see how far you've come, how other companionships work, and how you can improve and things that you and your companionship can change.
We're having a district bbq in 2 hours, so we totally have to go and I haven't written President Taylor yet. We're trying to be more obedient and only spending an hour doing emails, but it's REALLY HARD. Especially when all the elders are here because they are so loud and distracting hahaha. And sometimes I want to wait for Trenton's emails but it's okay.
I love all of you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your emails and letters are such a strength to me, and I love hearing about what's going on in your lives. Thanks for the pictures and all the love!
Sister Parks

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