Sunday, May 20, 2012

PRESCOTT!!!!!!!!! - May 15, 2012

I'm not being transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But like the rest of my zone is being transferred. There are 8 companionships in our zone. One was transferred last transfer, and the other 6 are all being changed this transfer. Crazy. But we have zone conference next week (multiple zones get together!) so we'll be able to meet all of them pretty soon. Anyway. It was just sad. But I've heard that this is part of the mission life haha.
By the end of this transfer, Sister Falke, Bruckman, and I will have been in a trio for 4 and a half months. That is so crazy and so  not normal. We're happy that it works though.
Okay so is Trenton getting a plaque? If so, do I get a plaque? Oh my gosh please don't let Mom pick my picture. I thought our stake doesn't do plaques... Just saying. This is confusing.
Oh my gosh I can't believe that Adam is home!!!!!!!!! I honestly thought that he'd be in Korea forever. No really. Missions seem like they take forever. The first couple months you're like, "Oh they'll text me back soon" or "they'll show up at the door soon" and then after like 8 months you think they're going to be a missionary who's never going to talk to you again and stay in that country. Like when Ammon and his brothers went and preached to the Lamanites for 14 years. I'm pretty sure that's how missions still work nowadays. So I was super shocked when everyone (and by everyone I mean Shea and Hannah) told me he was home. What?! And that means that Derek and Zach will be getting home soon. Wow. So crazy. Sister Falke made my name out of Chow Mein noodles and I send it to you in honor of Elder Adam Farrell.
So this week.
Well Troy is still having major issues with the Word of Wisdom. I don't know how many times I can tell him that it is possible to stop drinking and smoking!
I don't really know. Our prayers are being answered in the most fascinating of ways. We have chances to testify and share doctrine a lot but are really struggling with actually having people to teach. We've felt recently that we should start working with members more which has been super awesome and productive already, just not in numbers haha.
Also I'm done training which basically means we have one less hour of companionship study every morning. So now our days are normally from 10 am to 9 pm.
We talked to a lot of people this week who believe in reincarnation. Fascinating.
Oh and funny story. Sort of. I was actually pretty bummed. So I bought Mac and Cheese and chili to make in honor of Shea. Well the kitchen is upstairs from our room, so I was walking down the stairs with my mac in this plastic tub that I stupidly didn't put the top on and dropped half of it down the stairs. I had already spent half of my lunch hour making this meal and then dropped half of it! So I was sitting there eating the remainder with Sister Falke trying to cheer me up, I thought about Kimberly Miles Neilson (Nielson?) and how that was one of her quotes freshman year: "You guys - the worst thing happened today [and here's where we thought that she had failed a test or someone had died or something]. I dropped my tub of macaroni." I laughed so hard when I realized that this is exactly what happened to me.
Well I guess that's pretty much it. This week was interesting as always. I was sorry to hear that Trenton had a bad week. Dude had I know he was going to be on the phone for like ever I totally would have gotten on earlier and heard him too. Well maybe not because he would have invaded my 31 minutes that I had with y'all. Whatever. I'm excited to hear your cute little voices. And sorry I feel like we didn't talk about anything important haha. Other than SJ's call to ECUADOR! Crazy.
Also Shea's letter was like the cutest thing ever. I just love her. And Hannah seriously don't tell Tracie anything about me until she starts writing me herself. Adam is home and so her life should be complete. Other than me.
Okay love you all so much! It was great to hear your voices. And I totally didn't cry! Nice.
Sister Parks

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