Monday, June 25, 2012

HIIIIIIIIII - June 18, 2012

Hi Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whew I've been waiting a week to say that.
So crazy story. We had helped this one lady in the ward get ready for a funeral and she wrote us thank you notes in the mail. BUT she had our first names on the cards!!!!!! We were super freaked out (in a normal way) because only the elders know our first names, and we haven't shared our first names with any of our members. So we finally asked her and she said they were on the ward directory!!!!! Sure enough - she logged on to the ward directory on and there's a "Missionary" section now that shows the missionaries serving in your ward and from your ward! So our first names are totally right there available to all our wards! I just went and logged in myself, but I can't look up the wards I'm serving in! But I did get to see myself serving from the Shoal Creek Ward. Cute.
Also, I was watching some profiles the other day and I think I found Morty's mission president! Crazy. I think. Because she's going to be serving in the Florida Tampa Mission. It's
It's wabbit season here in Prescott like all the day. I'm trying to catch one. We used to see a lot of wildlife on our morning runs/walks but lately all we see (since it's getting brighter and brighter in the mornings) are lizards (everywhere!!!!!!) and birds. Anyway. But during the day I try and catch rabbits. I've gotten like within 4 feet of one! I was coming up behind it super slow (well not really because we had an appointment) but then it turned around and looked at me right as I was picking up my foot so I had to freeze with one foot off the ground and balance in perfect stillness like a ninja! Then it ran away. Bleh. I still have no idea what I'll do when I catch a wabbit! But I will!
This week I've been working more on putting my whole heart into something. We were talking about it a lot this week and I was trying to think of times that I put my whole heart into anything. I mostly came up blank. So maybe that's another reason I'm out here on a mission.
We're going shopping today I think because we got an email last week about our clothes and we all feel slightly guilty and packed away a couple. And it's getting super hot (okay only like 90s) and we have to figure out what to wear.
Point being - this email is completely useless but it's all I have time for. Love you all so much! The church is TRUE. It changes lives.
Sister Parks

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