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Transfer news! - June 25, 2012

Ahhh I don't know how to send my zone picture to you!!!!!!!! SADDDDDD. In fact, I have like 4 pictures to send you this week but for some reason they don't seem to be working. Just let me know if you don't get them.
Oh and I'm staying in Prescott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But Sister Bruckman is leaving :(
And our district leader, Elder Keele, flew home this morning.
And one of our zone leaders, Elder Nelson (who's been here like 9 months or something) is being transferred too.
Our district meeting this week will be fascinating to say the least.
I was very nervous about this round of transfers, but it's been amazing to see - when we got the news this morning - how inspired these decisions are. Tomorrow we'll go down to Glendale (Phoenix) for transfer meeting. It'll be my first one to go to since my own transfer meeting when I first got here and was told I was going to Prescott and had no idea what that meant. Sister Falke and I aren't sure if we're still going to be a trio (like if they'll give us another Sister) or if we're just giving Sister Bruckman to someone else. So we'll see.
The first picture if of our last district meeting with Elder Keele. He was a great district leader! We'll miss him. There was a little surprise party for him last Friday night that we were able to attend for like 15 minutes before rushing off to another appointment. His companion, Elder Dunn, sang him a song that was super great. We gave Elder Keele a cd, a bouncy ball, and a flashlight. Aren't we thoughtful :)
Doug's baptism was on Saturday! The zone leaders came because they had an investigator and Elder Nelson was baptizing Doug. Gah my leaders make me so nervous. Especially because they were sitting right behind us. It's been like a month and a half since our last baptism so I was nervous already. Anyway. But our baptism presentation (we give like a mini lesson while they change after the ordinance) went really well I think. Baptisms are always so amazing.
The next picture is about how close I've gotten to holding a wild wabbit! Monday morning we went on our brisk walk for exercise and there were like 5 bunnies that morning! I got really close to one but he came up so close to me that I honestly didn't know if I should just squat down really fast and grab him etc. It was difficult. Well Monday night we went over to a member's home to share a brief lesson, and turns out their uncle had just captured a little baby bunny and they'd only had it for a few days! So I got to hold it!!!! Oh my gosh isn't my face awful?! I need to start wearing sunscreen as my nose is nasty freckled and 3 shades off from the rest of my face. So funny. And ridiculous.
Then the last picture is hopefully the last phase of our pranks with the zone leaders to each other's trucks. As it was our last chance to prank Elder Nelson and to prank him as a trio, we stopped by while he was doing emails and put that bathroom mat we picked up off the street and gave their truck a face. Hopefully he enjoyed it hahahaha. The orange note on the side is from the last time they pranked our truck (by wrapping it in saran wrap) and says, "EAT THAT! HAHAHAHAHA Nelson and Brame". We thought it would be a nice touch. I promise we're super responsible and serious missionaries.
Bleh so we had "Invite Your Friend to Church Day" in one of wards this past Sunday and literally there was only 1 visitor there hahaha. Okay so like 3. So I'm looking around the chapel as sacrament meeting is starting and come to the realization that I know everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I was torn between being disappointed that I knew everyone (I finally know one of my wards!) and that I knew everyone (aka there are no visitors). It was pretty funny. Turns out there's a silver lining to everything.
Also something nice happened on our way to district meeting this past Friday. So I've been pretty anxious about transfers this week and feeling a bit overwhelmed in a lot of ways because no matter what the changes were going to be, it was going to be hard and a change and more opportunities of growth for me. And we all know how well I handle change and growth. Yeah. Well we were driving to district meeting and I was looking out over the streets of Prescott and just had this amazing sense of calm strength. I knew at that moment that there was work to be done in Prescott and that I'd be here and provided the abilities to be able to do the work of bringing people unto Christ.
I've finally finished my profile now that I have a picture of myself. It'll be reviewed and should hopefully be up in a couple weeks. Exciting ya?! I'll give you the link as soon as it's real.
We're teaching some wonderful people right now. One of them is a 16-year-old and he's really got us thinking of ways that we can empower the youth to share the best part of their lives with their friends. We've really been racking our brains as to what would have helped us when we were youth because now that we're on missions we realize how wonderful it would have been to just invite our friends to learn more about the gospel. And as a youth there are so many opportunities!
Well family. I know that this church is Christ's church on the earth again with His authority to perform wonderful ordainances that seal us to our eternal family. I believe in a God that continues to make covenants with His children. I know that He loves me! He loves the people of Prescott, and I'm excited for another 6 weeks to do my best to find those that are ready to change their lives and find the ultimate peace and happiness!
Thanks for your prayers. I really do feel them.
Love you lots! Have fun at EFY Hannah!!!!
Sister Parks (isn't that so cool that I'm a real missionary?!)

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