Thursday, July 26, 2012

And the floods came up - July 16, 2012

Hahahahaha family this has been the second weirdest week of my entire mission. Seriously.
Also your emails were seriously so great this week. I absolutely loved them.
So monsoon season started here in Prescott. It was POURING Friday morning during our district meeting. We were super excited. And then we got home and half of our carpet was completely soaked. And the garage had flooded. So we swept out the water in the garage and started moving our furniture to the other side of the room so Bill could rip up the carpet. It was exciting. Bleh. I'm getting really bad at telling stories. Well then the Bill's mom, whose house we live in, said that we just need to replace the carpet, so while we were out tracting Saturday morning, the ward surprised us and moved all of our stuff upstairs to the living room - even our beds! So we're living upstairs for now. Half of our stuff is in the garage and the rest is upstairs in our makeshift room. It's kind of like being on vacation haha.
This week was really great even with all the rain and flooding. Through the efforts of wonderful members, we've found some new people that are eager to learn more about the gospel and make covenants with God. We had a baptism last night for a wonderful young man named Brian who bore a solid and sincere testimony about how he felt that he was in darkness before but how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought him out of it and how he knows anything is possible now. It was very sweet. There were so many people in attendance we had to move the short service to the chapel.
Ha this happens every week where I have so much to say during the week but then once I sit down here at the computer I have nothing to say. Maybe that's why usually during the week I take notes of things that happen and that I want to tell you about. Well looks like I have more time to respond to your individual emails! Yay!
Love all of you bunches and oats.
Oh and yes Mom tranfers are every six weeks - so I'm here in Prescott until the first week of August.
Sister Parks


Oh and I saved the house from catching on fire! Sunday morning I was rushing around trying to find all my stuff (3 locations for items of value is not intelligent), and I walked into the garage and noticed that there was some sizzling and smoke coming off. Apparently there was some electrical stuff out that was in the still left over flood waters. And I saved the house. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Brag moment for the day. Love ya!

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