Tuesday, March 26, 2013

soooooo - March 11, 2013

We got a ton of new rules this week (of sorts), BUT one of them is that we're going to get more email time BECAUSE WE'RE ALLOWED TO EMAIL ANYONE NOW!!!!!!!!!! We still need permission to email people of the opposite gender living within mission boundaries, but now I can email Kyle Allen myself haha. Thanks Mom! And Ariel! Isn't that exciting?! I love how when we're obedient, we see the blessings of a bit more freedom. Heaven definitely respects our ability to choose.
Also funny story: last week we went to Carls Jr after district meeting, and I got up to use the restroom while we waited for food. Didn't bother to look up at the sign and totally took one step into the men's bathroom before I quickly stepped back out. And all the elders saw... nice :)
And we got a text from President Taylor this week. Ready for it? WE GET TO GO HELP OUT WITH THE EASTER PAGEANT IN MESA! So excited. We get to go and be there from like 5 to 9 on March 19 and March 30. Hopefully we'll be able to go with investigators too. But we'll see. Anyway so we'll be like pretend temple sisters for a night. It will be very exciting. Here's the link: www.easterpageant.org
Also, this week I taught Sister Vallejo how to play the piano! That was interesting. Thankfully she already knew how to read music. Now I have to fight her for the piano hahaha because I need to practice too! She's learned really fast though! We're going to work on playing the bass cleft (?) this week.
We had a really great zone meeting this week. Very spiritual. It was interesting - we talked a lot about asking heaven-inspired questions and how the Spirit is the senior companion.
Dad, Sister Vallejo says that yes, I still talk all the time when I drive. But I go the speed limit now... As of this point, I will probably never be a trainer. I don't want to be anymore haha. It was wrong for me to want that.
Today for Pday we're going bowling! On Pdays, we have studies like normal in the morning, then emails at 10, the grocery shopping/cleaning/laundry, then we write letters if we have time and then we go to zone activity. We got lectured a little today in President's email about how we should be doing more cleaning though... oops... Sister Vallejo are going to plan the Pday activity for next week, and we think we're going to have a ping pong tournament. Now we just need to find some ping pong tables haha.
Psh don't send me anything for Easter. Also, my companion doesn't eat sugar... awkward! Haha not really but mostly just that now I might gain more weight if I keep eating her desserts like she tries to make me do...
Yes Mom, Arizona does not do Daylight Savings Time. As if they need to save any more time during the summer... NO. I do not miss it haha.
I'm driving a little Toyota Corolla. Much better than the Chevy Malibu. Don't let anyone buy that - it's a boat. No turning radius whatsoever.
It's supposed to get up into the 90s this week again. Not ready for summer. All our ward members are telling us that this is the end - it's all agony and sweat from here on out. Yay! Ha yeah. Phew.
Love y'all lots. By the way. A lot.
Hope you're having a great week! It's always wonderful to hear from you and find out those things that are going on. Crazy!
Love, Sister Parks

Thankfully I have a companion who takes a lot of pictures.
We took stucco off a house this weekend with most of our zone.  Cute :)

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