Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TRANSFER NEWS - February 25, 2013

I'm staying. I'm not training (yes I cried when I found out). Sister Bruckman is leaving. I'm a little bit in shock. So no matter what, this will be my longest area.
Um yeah.
Neyo's friend, Sunday, is doing pretty good. As with all 9-year-old Liberians though, we have a hard time meeting with him haha. His older brother has a date to be baptized in the YSA ward, so if we can meet with Sunday often enough we can get them baptized together which will be super awesome!
I got a beautiful little note from Hermana Shealyn Moon today!!!!! And a letter from Grandma!!!!!! Good day. I can't believe how much Heavenly Father answers my prayers when it comes to letters. It's amazing!
So this one time I got to wear jeans to emails and it was super awesome. We had a bbq with the zone this morning (of sorts) and we all got transfer news together and then ate lunch.
We think one of our investigators just had a baby. She was super psyched to come to church (we've been teaching her for a couple weeks) and then she just dropped off. She was expecting to have the baby any day now. Anyway it's just awkward haha because if she hasn't had the baby, we did something very wrong in that she's totally avoiding us. So we're praying that she just had her baby.
We keep having extra time in the 8:00 hour which is not a great time to be out because Phoenix is a large city (therefore the craze is more evident). Anyway... we have been dropping off thank you notes to members of the ward and it is super fun and already strengthening our relationships with them! People love to know when they're doing awesome and why.
Not much to report on this week. Sister Bruckman and I are trying not to be pansies when we go out and contact people. No luck so far haha. We need to pray for more charity.
Oh and I got a letter from Aanika this week! Apparently she had a dream about me haha and felt that she should write. Awesome! I doubt I'll have time to write anyone today though - President asked that our apartments and cars basically be spotless before transfers tomorrow.
And I have a ton of pictures but for some reason this computer isn't letting me download them... so you'll have to get them next week with my new companion I guess.
Thanks for everything. Love y'all. Sounds like both Matt and Dad had great birthdays! And looks like we'll all need to send Elder Parks some happy stuff this week. Poor kid.
It sounds like our zone is changing a lot. So next week's email will be awesome!
Love, Sister Parks

Elder Fagersten let me get on his computer. Enjoy!
Oh yeah and it hailed this week. Like 2 inches while we were doing weekly planning. Crazy!!!!!!!!!
Oh and there are 2 new missions in Arizona coming soon. We know that they'll affect our mission but are not quite sure how. The effects with take place July 1st.

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