Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well hello! - March 4, 2013

Transfers were crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! Like everyone is training (we got 29 new missionaries) and Sedona was opened up to sisters (so jealous). Additionally, President has called what's called Coordinating Sisters that will start orchestrating our exchanges every transfer and go to zone leader council meetings etc. Also jealous. But excited.
My new companion is Sister Vallejo (vi-yeh-hoe). She's the bomb! She's been out about 6 months and was serving in Sun City before this. We get along really well but also lose focus a lot because of that haha. We'll work on it. And oh my gosh it is so nice to be driving after like over a year. So nice. I love driving. So yes transfers were incredible!
I don't think all the US missions are on the same transfer cycle because we have a sister here from Temple Square and she'll go back mid-our transfer.
We're still having a hard time getting a hold of Sunday! Hopefully he can be baptized with his brother in a couple weeks, but right now it's not looking too good. Then again I'm not exactly sure how knowledgeable about the gospel a 9-year-old will be...
The Phoenix Temple should be done early next year with the Gilbert temple right behind it. With the announcement of the Tucson temple and the new missions, we'll basically have a temple for every mission. How incredible! I can't believe how amazing the church is in this area. So many members and so much work!

All right so this Sunday was amazing. So Neyo passed the sacrament last week and then did again this week BUT the even more amazing part was that Conrad was up there breaking the bread! He didn't bless the sacrament this week, but maybe he will next week. Oh wow it was so amazing just seeing the progression of people that I've been able to work with. And then Conrad's wife, Lindsey, bore her testimony in sacrament meeting! It was so sweet. I bore my testimony just a couple people before her and for some reason got up there and starting rambling for a bit about how I know I'm supposed to bear my testimony because my heart starts pounding etc. And then Lindsey went up there and said that she wasn't sure how everyone knows how to go up and bear testimony and how me explaining it helped her to know that she needed to go up as well. So amazing. Loved it. Hahaha and then my companion bore her testimony and mentioned that she "got into the area only a few days ago" (which is true) but now everyone thinks she's my trainee hahahahahahaha. So funny.
Dad did you ever get to pass or bless the sacrament early in your conversion?

Um so yeah! People seem happy that I'm still here which is very gratifying. I think I'm going to be here until I watch Charles enter the waters of baptism. That guy... It's going to happen! We're meeting with him this Thursday. His wife, Barbara, got baptized back in November and he's having tons of issues we're trying to work through.
Good times. Life is good. I miss Elder Parks sometimes. Oh but there's an Elder Parks in my mission now! Did I already say that? Anyway, I have yet to meet him. Should be awesome. I will refrain from hugging him. Maybe... hahahaha jokes I won't, promise!
Also, yeah, I was looking our our stake website and seeing in each ward how many missionaries are out! Crazy! The Lord truly is hastening His work. What a thrill to be a part of! We're making history.
Sister Parks

I love my new companion. Things are great!

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