Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey happy birthday Matt! - February 18, 2013

Ha so I've realized my emails are probably getting pretty dumb to put on the blog because they're so long and mostly just responses to your emails. Oh well. I'm assuming that since Shea is gone on a mission nobody but Grandma reads it anyway hahahahahahaha. JUST KIDDING HANNAH AND TAYLOR THANK YOU FOR DOING IT. I was just thinking the other day about how AWESOME it will be to come home and have this beautiful record of my mission emails. So sweet. Thank you.
Oh Hannah my first and last Youth Conference were treks!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! We're such adorable twinkies. Have fun!
Haha I spent my Valentine's Day in a giant meeting. Then we had dinner at home and a couple lessons that night. Wooo! Jokes it was actually great. Seriously! It was super nice actually. We had zone conference with another zone from like 9-4. At the beginning they had some announcements and then the zone leaders left for a minute and came back in with tulips! There were 4 sisters there and 4 zone leaders so we each got one. So cute! I'm sending a picture.
And the other picture is that there's a Parks & Sons dumpster service in Phoenix hahaha and I've never been in a good spot to take a picture with one other than last Monday when we accidentally turned into an alley thing where no one could see me take a picture next to a dumpster! Oh yeah!
Yes Mom, the weather here is glorious! There's no other description. It's supposed to ice later on this week, so thankfully Sister Bruckman and I haven't sent home our sweaters yet!
ALSO - NEXT WEEK IS TRANSFERS. It's just a 5-week transfer instead of 6 weeks so I'll be emailing next Tuesday, not Monday.
And Mom, thanks for emailing Kyle. He already got back to me. You're the best!
Haha yes I got the Texas card, thanks! Uber cute! And yes, I had some of the Valentine's Day candy and then became the elders' favorite sister when I brought it to district meeting the next day haha.
I love Grandma. Thanks for that note, Mom.
Dad you are so not turning 42! Yeah right. I can do math.
Yes Dad change is good! I'm super excited for your new job. Keep smiling :)
All your emails this week were very sweet, thank you.
Okay here's the great stuff! So this week was good. Zone conference was amazing! I got to see Sister Follett (who I've never actually served with but adore) and Elder Brame (who was one of my zone leaders in Prescott). We went into Jacob 5 which I have only understood once, so that was awesome! President talked about how it requires lots of efforts to acquire deep roots, but we do have deep roots because we're out here as missionaries. Then he talked about how it's something we want for our investigators and less-actives and that is the difficult part. It takes time and nourishment to cultivate strong roots.
Ha we had another bed bug scare. Apparently bed bugs LOVE ME. This is the 3rd scare I've had with no bed bugs actually present and living in our apartment. They must find me somewhere, bite me, and then ditch me. 3 times. They itch something terrible. And I know they're bed bugs. Trust me. Anyway so apparently yeah we don't have bed bugs. And hopefully these bites won't leave scars like the other ones did. Oh the memories I'll have to tell my kids one day!
Mom my red shoes came! Thank you so much! I'm wearing them right now. LOVE RED SHOES. So does Sister Taylor, my mission president's wife haha. Hopefully I'll be a legend when I leave.
We're teaching 2 new people. One is a chef and he's the bomb. His returning less-active fiance (?) is wonderful and sharing the gospel with him. And the other is his 9-year-old in Neyo's complex who is the bomb. He catches on so fast to what we teach. It's fun using all the visuals with him. And Neyo is coming to our appointment tomorrow with him! Awesome! AND Neyo received the Aaronic Priesthood this week. Wow. Life is amazing.
All right well we're going to go. We have way too much to do today. Ha pdays are so short.
Thanks for all your support. It definitely carries me.
Sister Parks

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