Sunday, August 11, 2013


It's true. The Arizona Phoenix Mission has been piloting the iPads and iPhones for like 3-4 months now (just one district of 8 has them) and now our zone leaders and sister training leaders are on FACEBOOK! The rest of the mission should be on by the end of the month. I'm supposed to email my family and friends this link but I'm not allowed to go to it myself since it's not a church website haha (lol how ironic, right?):
Got em? Okay! It's supposed to explain how you can be of use and not distracting to us on Facebook. Online proselyting! We'll get an hour a day but everyone seems to be using a lot of that hour to clean up their facebook profiles haha. I'm still not quite sure on how it works. No word if we'll be trained this week on it or not. Probably not. Oh well!

Anyway so good times! This morning we went all the ways out in the boonies to Wickenburg with our district and hiked Vulture Peak. It took like 2 1/2 hours. Long. But so worth it! The weather was positively gorgeous out there, and it was fun to do something with our district. Felt like I was on vacation! Sister Franz and I are embarrassingly very sore though.

Funny stories at church too (just Sun City West really). Everyone knows that I'm going home soon because the bishopric keeps announcing it. Weird.
But anyway this one really tall guy, Brother Neilson, came up to me before Relief Society and said, "Well, it sounds like you're going home soon."
"That's very true."
"Well... find a guy about this tall [here he measures about a foot above my head], grab onto him and say, 'This is eternity!'"
Oh my goodness we laughed so hard. I told him that was the plan and was grateful to be supported in it haha.
I bore my testimony in that ward too. So they announced after I spoke that I was leaving soon. Wow. I don't think they're eager to get rid of me.... And then that morning in ward council Bishop and our ward mission leader were telling us how awesome we are and how grateful to have us when our Relief Society president (sitting next to me) said, "Well I hope we keep sisters because I know one of them is leaving soon. I don't want to say anything but she's sitting really close to me." They're just so funny. They're making going home a lot easier because they're so funny about it and help me to start accepting it without overthinking or getting stressed about it. Maybe that's bad (trunky?) but I don't really care. It's working so far.
And oh my goodness EVERYONE was talking about the new movie in the temple. So Mom and Dad, it looks like we need to go to the temple when I get home! And Taylor, we're totally going in Utah (Hannah you can come too - we'll meet up later :) )!

Ha and I got your letter today, family. Haha I just read it fast and put it away. Y'all are so funny! Just as bad as Trace and Fisher who both emailed me telling me how happy they are to see me. Oh my goodness. I will try and focus for the next week hahahaha.

I sent a thank you card to the ward! I'll try and write another one this week. I got a ton of food and a gift card which was AWESOME!
Yes, Sister Bruckman had someone waiting for her. She didn't know that he was waiting to marry her though. She just thought they were nice friends and wasn't it so nice that he wrote her her whole mission and sent her packages and prepared a surprise for her birthday (yeah... no one does that unless they're going to marry you... duh Sister Bruckman).
Hahahahaha I can't believe you just left Taylor in the temple! Oh my gosh that is so funny. Why didn't anyone go with you and tell you what to do! I would have died without Lizzie and Sister Grimmer there to help me. Oh my goodness that was hilarious. You two are wonderful. How brave to always go first and headlong in things!

We just got a call from the office actually telling us that there's a senior missionary couple that just got here today and they're proselyting, so they're going to be assigned to our Sun City West ward with us! Crazy!

Boy I always feel like I have so much to talk about and then I sit down to write and I have nothing! Let's go through the week:

Monday: We take FOREVER at emails. Oh my goodness it's funny though because I get to watch all the movies and clips I want on Nothing crazy for the rest of the day. Trying to see addresses to see if people have moved, offer prayers, and then we had a lesson with Casey that evening. He totally knows it's true and is coming up with a whole bunch of excuses he knows are silly.

Tuesday: Had an appointment with Joyce and set a date for her to be baptized on September 7th! Very exciting. She is so sweet and accepts things so quickly. All the members we've brought over to meet her think she's wonderful. We do too! After that we ran over to Larry's. He lost his wife about a month ago and was about to leave for Seattle for a memorial service. We helped make sure things were ready for the sale they were going to have that weekend while we was gone and the slideshow he'd prepared. He started asking questions about what happened to his wife, and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to him. He liked it and took comfort that both he and his wife knew where she was going. I love that we can know that. Then we drove over to Peoria so that Elder and Sister Rodgers could take us out to lunch at Olive Garden for our perfect car. Sister Pilcher and her companions were there too, so it was nice to see her again (she left the next day after getting an extension) and lunch was nice. A little long haha, but nice. We had an appointment with a lady that we met on the street. Turns out she's a member! Hasn't been active since high school and has like 5 little boys I think. It was one fun house haha. That night we had an FHE of sorts with a family. The son was baptized a year or so ago and the parents struggle to come to church.

Wednesday: Oh things. We spent a lot of time in Sun City West. I'm not actually sure what happened on Wednesday. Seems like it was an okay day :)

Thursday: We found out that a lady in my last area moved into our area! She wasn't there though when we went by before our trainer/trainee meeting. It was so sad to say bye to people like Elder Knabe, Sister Barnett, and Sister Follett. Boy boy boy. We had a nice dinner that night with a family that have two Young Women who love us (we love them!!!!!!!!). Their dad is not active in the church and we were told that he probably wouldn't want to talk to us. But it was awesome! Dinner was running late, so we decided to share the message then (we had brought the Mormon Messages DVD). It worked! He totally listened and then we had an awesome dinner. He told us to come back! Very nice. His daughters were really happy. I probably puffed that up to more than it actually was, but that's okay.

Friday: Zone meeting! We talked about the new Facebook thing and a whole bunch of "tighten up" rules that President Taylor gave to us. We talked about the people we're working with. Our zone leaders did a great job! It was so spiritual! And then at the end I got to bear my testimony (departing missionaries always do that). It was nice. Very nice. Then we had an appointment with Charlotte who has taken the lessons before but hasn't been baptized yet. She had a ton of questions about the Restoration. Sister Franz and I were in such unity it was awesome. We totally knew what each other where going to do. Then we had an appointment with Joyce who is so great!

Saturday: We went to do baptisms for the dead with Emily! She had brought 6 family names and it was SO SPIRITUAL. Everyone in the room was crying. Oh my goodness. Then we met up with the Hermanas in Peoria for an exchange. Hermana Hansen came with me to our area and Sister Franz went to Peoria. We met a lady for a lesson, finally saw Andrea who just moved into our area and who I knew in Peoria. She was happy to see us and we invited her to church.

Sunday: A ton of people at church! We were so blessed. Everyone came up to meet Hermana Hansen who told them she was leaving in a couple hours.
Anyway. I'm kind of done now.
Life is great though! I just love it :)
I love y'all tons. Really though. And I hope all is well.
See you later!
Love, Sister Parks

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