Sunday, August 11, 2013

so the library is really crowded today - July 15, 2013

I might not have time to write for very long (it might kick me out after an hour). So we're just gonna go for this!
Our wards were SO SMALL yesterday. Everyone is out of town it seems.
We visited a less-active the other night who barely let us in but I kept talking to him and finally got in. And he mentioned the story of the 3 blind men and the elephant. I recognized it, but didn't remember where. Any ideas?
We did family history with a recently-baptized couple the other night which was really fun! The new familysearch website is so neat! It seems very simple to use which is good because family history gets confusing to me really fast. In fact, I'm trying to do it right now. Not as easy as I thought haha but at least fun to look at. I need the actual documents though to plug it all in. Right now I just have me, Mom and Dad, and Grandpa Longmire. Somehow I need to link up with Taylor's account of something. Crazy stuff! Oh and I can see that both Taylor and Trenton have done things too. How do I sync up with them?! Oh my goodness. I'll ask Taylor in a few months. Oh wow somehow I just connected to all of Grandpa's family! Oh wow there are so many of them! Wow we have someone in our family named Drago? Legit. Ahhhhh we go back to like the 1500s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And people have already done a lot of the work... so looks like we need to do some finding! Wow this is so exciting. Oh man. Now I can see that Dad has some names reserved and that someone we don't know has done some work on his side. OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO COOL EXCEPT I DON'T UNDERSTAND MOST OF IT PARTICULARLY WITHOUT THE INFORMATION RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF ME. I'm just going by memory. There are so many cool names in our family history though wow. WOW. And yes, I'm in a library so I can actually scream out for joy so I'm just doing it with captial letters LIKE THIS!
Oh and it rained yesterday! It's supposed to rain again this week! Sister Franz was so excited she drove with the window down.
We have interviews with President Taylor this week and car inspections. I need to get a perfect car again, but this one's really old so we'll see. This is my last car inspection! I've always gotten first place. So pray that I make it again haha. Some things are very important, I promise.
Bleh we have a zone activity today. I will try to be happy but I really want to take a nap.
I can go to the Mesa Temple once every 3 months so just go with my companion and do an endowment session. I can go to as many sealings of recent converts as I want and baptisms with recent converts as much as I can get permission for. It's a really neat blessing because in Prescott we used to not be able to go at all, but now they can come for baptisms and sealings. And then the whole mission goes at Christmas too. I love the temple!
Yes, I still have my bike with me. Sisters don't really use bikes anymore... so I will probably talk to someone in the office and see if I can sell it to an incoming sister. As much as I love it, it's super expensive to ship. Maybe if we're driving up to Utah I can just take the bike I have at home? Yes?
Send your conversion story please!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week was filled with the usual: we met members, tried to find new investigators (we actually found a couple in our morning exercise), coordinated with ward leaders, went to hours upon hours of church, had a meeting or two, and drove around trying to find the lost sheep. There are tons of them. I'm hoping to write a lot of recent converts today. I miss the people from my old areas - more like I just want to know how they're doing. It's incredible to think about how many people I've met over the past 17 months.
Anyway love y'all lots. I'm going to email some other people and do family history haha. SO NEAT!
Thanks a ton for the emails - you have no idea how much I love to hear about your lives - even if it seems mundane and boring to you. Really though.
Sister Parks

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