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TRANSFERRED?! - July 2, 2013

Well. Yes. My last transfer and I'm getting transferred hahahahahaha. Oh wow!
I just got an email from Lyndsey Morgan down in Argentina though - she said she's getting transferred too with only 8 weeks left. Crazy times.
President Taylor called us on Sunday actually and gave both of us new assignements: I'll be finishing the training of another missionary (so my new companion as of tomorrow will be someone who's been out 6 weeks already but has another 6 weeks of training to go). Sister Barnett will be staying in our area and will be in a trio with a trainer and her brand new trainee. So basically Sister Barnett will be the Sister Bruckman of my first companionship. Crazy times.
Well well well
The fireplace looks interesting. That will be very weird.
No, the fires are not close to me. They're up in my first area of Prescott. The elders out there were able to be evacuated before it got super intense. But I do know one of the firefighters that died. Very sad. Everyone was talking about it yesterday.
We had a new trainer meeting yesterday that Sister Barnett and I were able to attend. The whole meeting is basically about the principles behind training a new missionary and the importance of being a trainer. Very intense. But at the end, President Taylor had us all go around and say who our trainer was and, in one word, what we learned from them. He saved the sisters for last by starting in the back, and everyone was crying by the end. Super intense. Especially since I was realizing how many of those missionaries I knew that were home now and how many more are going home. Oh wow it hit me so hard how little time I have left.
But also at the meeting we met the 2 sisters we just got from Flagstaff. They seem great!
Don't worry Mom - our air conditioning works great. I think it was only up to 119 where I am, so no worries. Also, did you know that wind isn't cool sometimes? The wind here is very hot. It's so disturbing haha. We got a warning notice on our cell phone a couple nights ago about a dust storm. Thankfully we were already in for the night (we got it at like 9:00 pm). And then it must have rolled through that night because the next morning we come outside and Brother Alger (the little sweet old man we live with) was using his leaf blower to get all the dust off our car! So sweet! Clouds are the coolest thing ever - I love when we get to see them :) Prescott and Flagstaff have both had record high temperatures. I think Arizona's just hot.
Oh wow and then the temple! I love the Studingers. And I love the temple. And I love Sister Falke. I thought it would be more of this, "Oh how are you it's been so long since we've seen you we love you how are you let's talk talk talk" but it was more like, "Oh hey! We love you." Just not a big deal. Which was great! It was like we hadn't even been apart that long. A very sweet experience.
I agree with Trenton - doing service is so fun now. I love it. Except when it's hot. I still struggle with that a little bit.
Also, Mom and Dad, I want your conversion story too. Really. As missionaries, Elder Parks and I talk about you all the time.
Well. I thought Peoria would be my last area so my stuff is strewn all over the place and packing will be a nightmare haha.
P.S. Do you know of a way to shampoo car carpets without taking them in? I really don't like having to pay for all these services when all I want is a shampoo. Someone should really start a car wash where you only get what you want.
But yeah better go. Maybe I'll be able to email you my new address tomorrow. Maybe not.
LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Sister Parks

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