Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's the end of July! - July 29, 2013

Phew only one more hot month here in Arizona. Then it will just be warm :)

Everyone emailed me this week! NICE WORK FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ha and formerly Sister Bruckman now Jennifer who was my companion twice in Prescott and North Phoenix and who went home 10 weeks ago is now engaged. Just got the email. LOL. I can't even handle all the changes that have happened while I'm gone. I think it's hitting me today how much I'm going to have to learn and accept very quickly.

Also hahahaha y'all will enjoy this hopefully: last week I was watching some church films on I decided to watch Jonny Lingo and felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE with the "romantic" scenes. Oh dear.

Went on exchanges this past week to Bethany Home. It was really weird. I got to see Sunday and Neyo, and I talked to Bijonn on the phone which was nice. I found out the Carlos and his family just up and left one day and no one knows where they are :( That was sad.

I think it's still monsoon season. It's slightly humid and sometimes we see lightning so you know.

Hahaha on Pioneer Day we tried calling the office. A missionary answered and said that they're closed which we were so confused about for like 5 minutes until Sister Franz remembered the date. I so do not understand Pioneer Day lol. Isn't that funny that our mission office was closed over here in Arizona?

AND I GOT THE MOST AMAZING PACKAGE FROM OUR WARD :) I love our ward! It's amazing. And good because Sister Franz and I are both out of money this month haha so the food was perfect timing hahahaha.

Joyce is doing well. She showed up at church on Sunday. Sister Vallejo and Sister Franz had a wonderful lesson with her on Friday while we were on exchanges.

We supposedly have a trainer meeting this week and zone meeting as well. Should be exciting! I love meetings :) Oh and this past week I received my flight itinerary and the schedule for my exit interview and arrival at the mission home. It has been a very interesting week :(

Mom and Dad! Thank you for the conversion story! I read it during church again and just loved it all over again. What about when you went to the temple? What was the date for that? I was a little embarrassed that I didn't know the date of your baptism. Whoops! What happened at the temple? Was it a lot like your baptism when a bunch of people showed up too?

Mom, I will be more than happy to detail your car. Give me the funds, and I'll perform the labor :) Dad, I honestly don't know how we did it. Mostly just attention to wiping down everything, making it shiny and organized, and vacuuming EVERYTHING. It's just details that most missionaries (like my companion haha) don't think, care about, or take the time for usually. The backyard looks SO GREEN! Oh I will be happy to see so much green again! I will also be happy to do service, Dad. It will be so nice to not feel pressure on doing things wrong haha. It's nice to do service for your own family because it's not that bad if it's wrong.

Well. I'm going to continue enjoying the day. Life is fast approaching in a weird way.
Love y'all much!

Pictures: In Sun City West and Sun City, the trash cans are in the ground. Hers was broken, so I couldn't show you how to open it (you stand on it with your foot). She claimed it's because of the coyotes (which I've seen 3 of since we've been here) but we all know the real reason - old people can't open a trash lid on their own and throw a bag at all, so it's in the ground that they can operate with their foot and drop in. True story.

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