Monday, September 3, 2012

Here Elder Parks - it's short - August 27, 2012

So you had better read it.
Yeah Elder Parks I'm a trio with Spanish sisters.
This week has been crazy.
Today has been crazy. We still haven't gone grocery shopping and Pday ends in 30 minutes.
Also, one of my greatest fears is that y'all will call the mission office to complain or ask about me or something. Please don't do that. Everything is okay.
Hannah - I need some updo ideas please. Really easy stuff.
Numbers have been awful the past week because literally there is like no work. It's been a little frustrating and I feel really alone and inadequate a lot. But I received a powerful and simple blessing on Tuesday. I still need to work on keeping my end of what I can do for myself.
We have a special sisters training on Wednesday which will be really great. The last one we had was like back in March.
Any word on how Shea (sorry - Hermana Moon) is doing? And Caleb?
I'm working this week on being bolder with the members of the Manistee Ranch Ward in asking them to come out to lessons with us or even just to go on splits with us so we can get some work done. It's hard dividing time between the two wards. I feel pretty worthless in the Solano Ward since oh yeah I don't speak Spanish haha. I've finally been able to pick up the phrase, "Does she speak Spanish" to which I answer "No" and also, "Oh you have a new companion!" to which I say, "Hola! Mi llamo Hermana Parks. Estoy aprendiendo Espanol y comprendo poquito (or nada - whichever I feel like)" which means that I'm learning Spanish and understand only a little or nothing. And I can also tell people I'm from Texas. Everyone is super nice and supportive though, and I can read in Spanish fairly well. I just have no idea what I'm saying haha. Boy. It's a trip.
We went on exchanges this Friday so I was over in Surprise for the day with Sister Jewkes. On a bike (they don't have enough miles to use their car every day). I got a beautiful burn on my arms haha and the Spanish people we saw on Saturday and Sunday told me I was cooking hahaha. It was a good experience though - a lot of good teaching opportunities and great chances to say hi to people on my bike. And Sister Jewkes loves to cook. A lot of opportunities to share my testimony. Riding a bike was really hard - I won't lie. I was in agony. But somehow saying hi to people while I thought I was going to die made it easier. I'll probably be sent to a bike area after this hahaha. Sister Jewkes said only the first 3 days are bad.
I have a lot of support from my companions of course and also from my district and district leader. That has been very helpful. I want to sit down with President Taylor on Wednesday too and tell him to stop ignoring me haha.
I think I'll quit now so we can go. And so Elder Parks has no excuse not to read haha.
Love you all so much. Thanks for the emails! Hope Hannah's first day of school went well. I can't believe she's a senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little sister. So cute.
I know that it's in the depths of our sorrows and tribulations that we truly have the opportunity to know God and to rely on the Savior. I wish this trial wasn't as much for me as it is, but for some reason it's really overwhelming me more than I'd like. So I'm learning a lot about myself and a lot about the Savior. I'm also learning more about God's plan for me. Sometimes I wish I knew His reasons, but I'm sure that will all come soon. I just have to work harder, be more obedient, and look outside myself. Should be easy right? Right.
Please keep up the prayers. I feel them.
Talk to you next week.
Love, Sister Parks
P.S. These very belated pictures are of exchanges with Sisters Fluckiger and Follett, saying goodbye to Sister Falke and Sister Robinson, real puddles, and my new companions (Hermanas Graves and Garcia) with our Texas crackers that Mom sent me.

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