Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 10, 2012

Had an interesting experience Wednesday because we had an extra Hermana with us - Hermana Zidek who's just a few weeks out. Her trainer needed to go to a meeting like all day so Hermana Zidek and I spent morning studies together and then went out on bike. Hermana Garcia came and relieved Hermana Zidek around 3, and then we got her back to her normal companion around 6. What a day! We were super late to the meetup and biked across town a lot faster than I've ever biked before. It took us like 40 minutes to get across town! What a difference it makes to be in a car! But it was a good experience. I only got lost once and didn't feel like I was dying (I honestly thought I was in El Mirage on exchanges a few weeks ago).
Overall it was a pretty good week. There are some rumors going around that we'll be in a hybrid companionship for another transfer just with 2 English sisters instead of 2 Spanish sisters. Please pray for me. Hopefully President will be talking to us soon.
We finally found an Arabic translator for this darling family we're trying to teach from Iraq. They have a very strong desire to learn more about God and to be baptized despite the very hard language barrier. The translator lives over in Surprise though so we'll have to figure out how exactly we'd like to make that work. Maybe the family can move to Surprise? Don't know. It just feels wrong taking someone from their own ward. Phew it looks like more people need to speak Arabic hahahaha.
We're going bowling with the Elders in our zone soon which will be fun.
The pictures are from when we went to the temple. The sister with us is Sister Sullivan from the Manistee Ranch Ward. She's great for last-minute splits. Love her! She is a really great ward missionary and sacrifices a lot for others. Sorry the sunrise picture turned out blurry. Just know that it was beautiful.
This week I ate a real Mexican meal of meat right off the bones and beans. With no silverware - just tortillas. Yum! My fingers were very messy but I cleaned my plate just like I should have :)
The weather is cooling off just a little! It's in the low 100s to 90s which has been a lot nicer. I even wore a cardigan all day Friday after our zone meeting! Yay! We had a really good zone meeting. Our zone leaders had us watch a video of the importance of missionary work and loving our investigators. Then they led us into a room where they had the white jumpsuits that people wear when they're baptized. Each jumpsuit had a name written above it - all people that the zone is working with that are progressing towards making their first covenant with God. Then our zone leaders, Elders Young and Weston, bore testimony about the importance of missionary work and how everything we do affects the progression of these wonderful people that we love so much. It was actually really powerful and very spiritual. It was a very good meeting.
I'm slowing getting to know my area a little better. We're going to try and be on bike more this week (maybe) and that will help even more. Our ward mission leader should be taking over splits this week which takes a huge load off.
It's super surreal that I'm a missionary still. It's been especially weird with elders and companions that I know going home. Elder Keele, Elder Nelson, Elder Anderson, Sister Falke, Sister Graves and more. It's a definite reminder that this time is short and precious. This week I've really felt the strength of the Lord in helping me to overcome the feelings that often overwhelm me. I feel calm more and accept that some things are simply out of my control.
Haha these past emails have been lame, sorry. Love you all very much.
Sister Parks

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