Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PHOENIX PROPER - September 24, 2012

Hello lovelies!
HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM! I'm scared I'm going to forget it next week so just in case. Make sure Elder Parks doesn't forget.
I got to speak in my first ward yesterday haha. So Hannah we could have been speaking at the same time! Wow!!!!!!!!!! I read your talk - it's adorable. You're so cute. I'd send you my talk, but it's a lot of random notes because I don't have a computer to write my talks on anymore hahaha.
My new companion is Sister Pilcher. She is a realist from a little town near Sacramento. She's just a transfer ahead of me. She and Sister Murdock got along really well. She's tall and nice.
Yes we have a car. We have just a few miles less than my last area, so Sister Pilcher says they usually end up riding bikes a few days every month to keep the miles within our limits.
Oh and then I guess there's an odd number of English and Spanish sisters because Sister Follett (this ADORABLE sister who was serving in the retirement community of Sun City) was transferred to be with Hermana Garcia. They'll be a hybrid companionship covering Manistee Ranch and Solano (the Spanish ward). I think they'll do really well together. Sister Follett will be perfect for Manistee Ranch and she knows some Spanish too which will really help haha.
I love my new wards! Oh my gosh they are so great. Inactivity is really high (like really high - like 60/70%) so we'll be doing a lot of getting to know the ward and bringing people back to church and happiness and keeping covenants! Oh yeah! We have really great support and a huge variety of people. The members are very involved and we have great ward mission leaders. And people will give other people rides all the time! It is so great! And our area is literally the southern and eastern boundary of the mission (we're right next to the Mesa mission). In fact, we go grocery shopping in the Mesa mission. It's hilarious.
ALSO PLEASE DON'T SEND ME ANY PACKAGES. ESPECIALLY NEXT MONTH. I spent way too much money shopping in Glendale. Then, as I hung up my new clothes here in Phoenix I had that embarrassing moment when I realized that as much as I always feel like I need more outfits, I should probably be happy with what I have. Please don't send me anything more. I feel so bad. My last Pday in Glendale we went to this store for like 30 minutes (we had no time to do anything other than email family, go shopping there really fast, and MOVE out - I didn't start packing until like 9:00 that night) and the lady totally talked me into cute clothes that I never would have spent that much money on. Oh my gosh I was mortified. So yeah. And my tennis shoes are falling apart, so I'll go get some cheap ones. Oh my gosh and socks probably too. Basically don't send me anything. I'm so embarrassed at my materialism.
My back bike tire kept going flat and we realized it was because the valve was off just enough that the pressure kept making it go flat. The tire itself should be fine. We had our district leader (who's on bike) fix it on Sunday really fast so it should be fine now. Gah if you feel like you should buy tires, here are the measurements: 54-559 or 26x2.10 or other stuff. I honestly didn't get it.
Life is good. Personal study has been so great lately just being able to feel the Spirit and see needs met. I'm getting my feet here slowly but surely and it's so great. I know I'm being blessed well beyond my own abilities. I'm working a lot on not comparing myself to other missionaries and what would you know but it makes me so much happier! I'm really grateful to have been blessed with the ability to just go up and talk to people and be genuinely excited to meet them. Sunday was super fun meeting two new wards!
Also, my goal in life is to one day be Brother Salisbury's opening speaking when he's a high councilor still when I'm home (that better happen!). Remember when he asked me like twice or thrice and I couldn't any of those times?! UGHHHHH. Haha it'll be great.
Okay sorry we have to go to the chiropractor. HEY BUT I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.
Bunches of oats,
Sister Parks

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