Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another May Day - May 21, 2013

And I'm not getting transferred. Neither is Sister Barnett. I think us and the zone leaders are the only companionship in the zone not affected by transfers. And there are like 10 companionships in our zone. This whole age change has really made transfers crazy. The past few months have been so intense. And 9 English-assigned Sister missionaries are flying into Phoenix today! Completely crazy. We started out the year with 14 English-assigned sister missionaries. I'm sure I've told you all this before, but I seriously can't get over it. I'm really working on not being bummed with all the changes. You'd think I'd be used to it by now!
So but thankfully Sister Barnett and I seem to be staying in our area with no changes. It makes a huge difference and will help us to really implement the goals we've set for ourselves.
Dad - I can't remember what I eat every week... Sister Barnett made some awesome pesto pasta thing that lasted a few days and I made some chicken/sour cream/stuffing thing in the crock pot that was good. We have recipe books and are trying a lot of the baking things in the crock pot. It's not super fun cleaning up without a dishwasher though. Guess what - I've only had a dishwasher for 8 weeks of my mission haha. Every time I say something like that, though, I always think of Hermana Jolley in Ecuador or Hermana Morgan in Argentina... whatever I was called state-side! They should expect things like that. Um I think we've had like 2-3 dinner appointments in the past week. We were supposed to have more but we never listened to the message and apparently missed 2. Awkward. I can't believe how many mistakes we've made in this area. It's ridiculous. I think that's a huge reason of why I don't like telling people how long I've been out because then there's all this pressure to actually be a good missionary. That's not going to happen; I make mistakes all the time.
Oh did I ever tell y'all that Lexie Pickett has been in my district for the past 6 weeks? She's getting transferred, but yeah! I saw her like 3 months ago when she came in and recognized her from girls camp. And then we started serving together here in Peoria! Crazy. Her parents are in Chicago apparently, but she was at BYU! SMALL WORLD. Always. But she remembered how I was her YCL. Always makes me feel old. Same thing for when I think about Derek Carter being a missionary. CRAZY.
One of the sisters here is already companionless (her companion is flying home right now) so she (Sister Fluckiger) is with us already. I'll go with her to her area tonight and Sister Barnett will go on splits with a YSA. Everyone says she's grown a lot which is such a huge comfort to me. She's a great missionary.
Oh Dad your email reminded me - the people we live with have this GIANT pomegranate tree in the backyard. It is seriously probably as big as our oak tree in the backyard. Just so big! And so many pomegranates, but he said they won't be ready until the fall :( So hopefully we'll have some in Austin :) And on another random note, I've had like 3 conversations with people this week about the thankless task of cleaning their pools. But it's awesome.
EVERYONE - they put up the Angel Moroni on the Phoenix temple this week :D I think they put it up Thursday or something, and we went and hiked Thunderbird Mountain this morning and got to see it close up. A lot of the workers were coming in and we got to talk to them and thank them for the fine work. It looks so beautiful. All the exterior of the temple looks done except for the beautiful stained glass (which I'm almost positive will be by the same guy who did the San Antonio temple!). Oh wow. How amazing to climb a mountain (ha. hill)  in Phoenix and see a House of God shining in the morning sun! Having Moroni up there makes it so much more real. Probably won't be done for another year they're telling us, so I'm sure hundreds of missionaries will be carpooling down to see the open house. It would have been nice to be one of the sister missionaries doing the open house, but after helping with the Easter pageant, I think I'll be content to just be a tourist on the open house tour over and over again.
I guess this week I'm really just going to work on thinking selflessly. Just not thinking about myself. That should help.
This week was pretty good. There's been a lot of anticipation with transfers coming up so it'll be nice to have everything done tomorrow and finally figure out what's happening. Well. I guess I should finally go email other people back like Alina, Ariel, and Tracie. That would be a nice thing for me to do. Haha I never know what to say for some reason! Oh well.
Have a great week!
Love, Sister Parks
P.S. Ooh can I get a copy of Trenton's line of authority please? THANKS.

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