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So funny moment... - May 28, 2013

Yesterday was a national holiday. And the libraries weren't open hahaha. So we went to work two hours earlier than usual yesterday and then are taking two hours out of today to do emails. Fun! I have like a billion pictures to send because I lost my card reader for a bit - whoops!

Oh and side note: Chick-fil-a has amazing Avocado Lime Ranch dressing. WOW.
So this past week. Sister Barnett went out on splits while I went to Sun City with Sister Fluckiger and got two new investigators! She went tracting! Wow. President Taylor reminded her yesterday that she'll probably be training in 5 weeks and to prepare. We had 9 sisters come in last transfer (lost 3) and will have 11 coming in next transfer (losing 4). CRAZINESS.
Also can you tell the Andersons I'm finally writing them back please? I just ran out of stamps and will have to get some next week.
Hey Dad, we met a member who was born in Sioux City. I told her I have family buried there (right?). I think I told her it was William Daniel Parks. Anyway she said she could look things up for me if you want to pass along anyone related to Sioux City to me. Her sister apparently is huge into family history and can find anyone or any place.

Oh and get this! Last Tuesday night I was in another ward (Rose Valley, Peoria North Stake) with Sister Fluckiger. We're at their coordination meeting and everyone's asking about me. I say Austin and one man says, "How close is that to Cedar Park?" "Oh not far." "Do you know anyone there?" UH awkward mission fog moment as I struggled to remember who was actually in the Cedar Park ward... But then I remembered Holly and Brooke Taylor. TURNS OUT HE'S THEIR UNCLE!!!!! Crazy story. Apparently Brooke is on a mission in Seattle right now and is a BOSS. She's tearing it up and is just incredible. Her uncle is so proud of her (I am too!). She's been out in the field just a few weeks now, so that was really neat to hear.

Mom did you end up going hiking? Is the weather in Utah just incredible? It only gets up to like 105 during the day and everyone's telling us to "enjoy the nice weather". Yeah. Definitely looking at my wardrobe and figuring out new cooler outfits. We're so blessed to have a car... Really.

We're having a "historic" broadcast (as stated by the First Presidency) for our mission and basically all the members here. It'll be about missionary work and apparently will be amazing on June 23rd. Big announcements made? Not sure. It'll be great though. Watch out for updates on that.

Wait Dad you were part of the groundbreaking for the San Antonio Temple?! What? Also, President Taylor told us that they'll be down in San Antonio for training in September for like 4 days. You and Mom should go take he and Sister Taylor for lunch or something! You can talk about me!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I'm so funny.

Phoenix is baking but definitely only during the day. It's still relatively nice at night right when we head in and then in the morning when we exercise. Definitely sweating more though. Lovely. Oh and we were talking about something yesterday that reminded me of the time we drove Taylor to Provo from LA! Remember that? So fun. That mini-van had some stellar interior lights.

Rain?! That sounds so exciting! We might get some in June and July. Maybe. It was overcast yesterday morning and we were so excited!

Nothing much else to report on the Peoria front. Just still moving along. Sister Murdock is training in a new area too so she joined a sister who's only been out 6 weeks in the area and then has a brand-new missionary too. Should be having fun! She emailed me and said her mom signed the housing stuff and all.
But we're focused! So focused. Okay well it's odd to be doing emails and then back to work. Goodness. Time's flying.
Have fun and smile everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Parks

(Last four above) Pictures are: our district last Tuesday on our hike near the temple, Hermana Jenson and I after exchanges, a funny sign I saw at a member's home, a Christmas card of a family with 10 kids (so funny), a sacrifice poster that is quadruple meaning (especially in the gospel), the Phoenix Temple with Moroni!!!, a nasty mummified frog (bone sticking out and everything), roses outside our house, and a cool poster at our church building.

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