Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Yes family. It has happened. I keep expecting to wake up from this bizarre change of circumstances.
President Taylor called me Saturday night and asked me to be a trainer. Right when I finally accepted that I would never train. I'm ridiculously nervous. He also said that I might have to leave my area as well (which normally doesn't happen - the trainer should stay in the area but with all the billion sisters coming in President has to do a lot of rearranging) so yeah. This morning we got the text confirming that. We were all together as a zone and had lunch right then together. I've only cried twice today. I'm so nervous. It's just unreal.
BUT then we got a call from the Assistants telling us to bring the Area Book for one of our wards which means that our area is 99% sure being split (as in the sisters here will only cover one ward instead of two). So I might just be going to transfer meeting to get a brand new missionary and find out that I'm only covering one of the wards I'm covering now. But I still have to pack my stuff... So we're not sure. Who knows?! We'll find out tomorrow. We'll have a meeting tomorrow before transfers where all the trainers and trainees will meet each other and be assigned. I just won't know where I'm going! Crazy.
Oh bleh life is so crazy. I'm just overwhelmed. Just feel grossly inadequate as always. I loved what was said in conference though about how we imperfect people are all God has to work with, but He deals with it anyway haha. But it's so true. I have definitely felt that on my mission. We are so inadequate for God's purposes, and He could easily do it all Himself, but He doesn't. He allows us the opportunity to participate in His work and feel the incredible blessings that come from that. It's amazing.
Look in this paragraph for all the parallels between training and parenting - it's ridiculous but amazing. Yesterday Sister Vallejo and I went to the meeting for new trainers. President Taylor talked a lot about the importance of our calling as trainers and what an impact we would have on our new missionaries. It was very daunting, but I couldn't get my own trainer, Sister Falke, out of my head the whole time. I realized even more than ever what an amazing trainer she was and how blessed I was able to have her. They said that as trainers, we're preparing our missionaries for the worst day of their mission. I realized how, when I felt so dark and alone in Glendale, I clung to the habits and attitudes Sister Falke had instilled in me, and those carried me through each day. I knew how to rely on heaven because of her example. In the middle of the meeting, I was really just struck and overcome in realizing that I still want to be the missionary that I know Sister Falke envisioned me becoming. Her influence has molded all of my missionary work and who I am as a missionary. I want to be half as amazing for my new missionary as she was for me. But yeah they talked a lot about how we're training these missionaries so that they can be prepared to train new missionaries in three months. We lead by example and let them go out and experiment (think teaching a kid how to ride a bike). It's just incredible.
Oh Dad - the Liberians we're teaching are all friends. Some are related. It's so funny. Last night we were coordinating with our ward mission leader, and he said, "Okay. 1609 West Glendale" and we just started laughing because they all live in the same complex and none of them have cars. It's hilarious. They have such great intent. It's going to be great to see how the ward will be able to grow in charity with the opportunities they'll have to serve these families.
Got emails from Hermana Jolley, Hermana Morgan, Sister Murdock, Tracie, and Alina. This new email policy is such a wonderful blessing.
And Dad thanks for talking to the mission office :) You're a dear!
Also, fun missionary experience that I forgot to tell y'all about: we went bowling a few weeks ago as a zone. The elders all put names from the Book of Mormon for their names which was so funny. And then we're going to pay for our games and the guy's like, "Where did you come up with all these names?" So in a very natural way, Elder Vaoga was able to explain the Book of Mormon, testify of it, and then give him a card and commit him to look up more about it. It was awesome! What missionary opportunities have come to you since Trenton and I became Elder and Sister Parks?
All right well I better go. I need to email President soon :)
I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH. Can't wait to tell you all about my new missionary (she's going to be great!)!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Parks

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