Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Isaiah 1:18 - May 6, 2013

That's our monthly scripture that we're going to memorize for the month of May (plus D&C 58:42). Our theme as a mission this month is Repentance and Forgiveness. Interesting, eh?
Oh and 6pm your time will totally work. I'll call the conference number. WOW I GET TO HEAR YOUR VOICES SOON! I hope it actually works out with Elder Parks this time haha because I was thinking about how if it doesn't I won't hear his voice for like almost 2 years. That's crazy. But it'd be okay. Hannah and I will just drive down to his mission home and meet everyone there and have them call him without him knowing we're there. Oh yeah!
Anyway away from creeper mode.
This week was fine. We had exchanges on Friday with the "Sisters Training Leaders". Basically they're the experienced sisters that are assigned as pretty much exchange conductors. They organize all the sisters exchanges and we get to exchange with them once a transfer. Oh and P.S. next week is not transfers but the week after will be so I'll email next Monday but then the Tuesday after that. Got it? I'll try to remind you next week too. But anyway exchanges were really good because Sister Hawkins got to help me just get over myself basically and helped me to see that I need to go to motivation rather than motivation coming to me. Very neat. Helped.
We were going to try and get me to Sunday's baptism back in my old area this weekend, but it didn't work out, so now I'm trying again for this weekend because Charles is getting baptized! I've been waiting for this since November! I honestly wasn't sure he'd make it while I was on my mission, but apparently he has a date for this week (it's so nice that we can email other sisters in our mission now). Charles is really one of the only people felt that I actually came out for. His wife, Barbara, got baptized back in November, but Charles had tons of reservations about religion and we thought it was a miracle when he actually started listening to the discussions with his wife. We taught him for quite a while actually in preparation for him to get baptized in January. It didn't work out - he had word of wisdom problems and got really discouraged. Probably about February or so, I was sitting in a lesson with them. Charles is like in his 70s and missing most of his teeth haha. I have to talk loud and clearly for him to understand, and he's a big burly guy. Just so you get an idea of what he looks like. Well Charles told me repeatedly that for some reason, whenever I taught, he understood things. Something in the way that I kept eye contact with him and really focused on him helped him to actually grasp the things he had questions about or that we were teaching. That touched me a ton because he was someone I definitely had to focus on and pray pray pray for the Spirit. Then back to February, sorry. I'm sitting in a lesson with Charles when right in the middle of it, I feel the thought come to mind, "It's Charles. He's one of the ones you were sent here for." I immediately thought, "What?! Charles?! Uh. Why?!" It was so random, but I've never felt that about anyone else that I've talked to on my mission. Maybe little glimpses of it, but never with such clarity and purpose. But yeah. Long story. But Charles means a lot to me in that way. I hope this weekend will work out for his baptism, because both he and Barbara tried really hard to make me promise to come back before I left North Phoenix. Missions are crazy.
Okay so the 3 pictures: one is just sunset. It's pretty. It's why people live in Arizona I think. Next one is me and Sister Hawkins after exchanges. Mom, for some reason after I straighten my hair, it's always curlier the next day. Crazy. And I'm tired of cutting my hair short - remind me not to do it. ANYWAY and then the last picture reminded me of Uncle Pat (which is so funny then that Dad and Trenton emailed about some killer turkey shot he had recently) because this is the irrigation method in Phoenix where they just flood their lawns for a few hours and look what come flocking in! Mallards for the taking!!!!!!!!! I'm not violent Dad haha. But Sister Barnett would definitely agree with you that I have NRA tendencies.
Also try listening to this attachment. It's just like a 15-minute thing of me talking haha. You'll get a sneak preview to my voice!
No, we don't get to attend CES broadcasts :( Maybe the YSA elders do. We have above and beyond meetings maybe like 2-3 times a year. I think. Just depends.
I think I'll send my card to the ward to Bishop Anderson. I trust him more to get it to the ward than you hahaha. P.S. Denise said that my plague looks great but they just need a display case! Can you send me a picture of it?!
Last year we came in early for Cinco de Mayo, but this year we didn't. Guess it's not too dangerous of a holiday here in Arizona.
Wow I can't believe we have cable now. That's just weird! And good luck with all the recitals Mom! Sounds exciting!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I really need to go. This email is exorbitantly (?) long. Taylor, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Hope you're doing all right because I LOVE YOU AND THINK YOU'RE GREAT!
Love the rest of you too OF COURSE. Can't wait to talk to you this week and hope that everything's going great. That's something I pray about all the time - for my mission to be a blessing for you!

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