Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 13, 2013

No worries, Mom. I got to wish you Happy Mother's Day yesterday. SO AWESOME. That was great. I loved being able to talk to you. And wow - Elder Parks sounds SO OLD. It's crazy. But I guess he's super close to being 21 now. WOW.
And there is no way Derek Carter is old enough to serve a mission... I'm in denial. Sister Duncan also wrote me and said that Wyatt Clement is serving a mission! There is no way! I feel SO OLD haha. And the Jamisons are leaving on a mission too? Wow wow wow.
Also, Mom and Dad thanks for teaching me how to talk on the phone, eat politely, and a billion other things. It's made a huge difference.
We had zone conference this week and therefore met up with all the Glendale missionaries (my second area) for like 6 hours for training from President and Sister Taylor. Good times. No Elder Holland at mine - lucky Trenton!
Sister Barnett went on splits for the first time and taught her first solo lesson! It should have happened way sooner than this, but that's okay. At least it happened. She loved it and did a great job.
We're working on just being more accountable. It will help us so much more in everything.
We also had a meeting on Friday with all the trainers and new missionaries. There were 80 people there from the changes of the past 3 months. CRAZY. And more are coming. I was able to see a whole bunch of people, including missionaries from my last area, Sister Murdock, and Sister Bruckman (for the last time before she goes home :( ). So that was good. Today we're having a sisters lunch with the 7 of us in the area since it's Sister Hawkins's last week as well. We're going to be losing like 6 sisters in the next 3 months. And getting 17! And that's just English sisters. I can't believe all the changes. It's a crazy time to be a missionary.
Just love y'all. Love love love. Mom, I hope your mother's day was awesome. You're a great Mom - I'm grateful for you every day! And Hannah wow you're going to be an adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go register to vote or something hahahahaha.
LOVE YOU SO MUCH. So happy we got to talk. Thanks for all the support.
Talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Parks

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