Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peoria, Arizona Dad - not Illinois - April 22, 2013

Although that would be hilarious. Get transferred to a different mission... Which will be happening to some of the missionaries here in July. Crazy!
I like how everyone asked what Kamas is in Trenton's email. It's a good question. Set phaser to stun - nice one Dad :)
Haha get this - we called the vehicle coordinator, Elder Rodgers. He asked me who I got the car from (which Elders) and then told me I still had their miles - 1400!!!!!!!!!!! I was so relieved. He laughed and told me they'd probably bump it down next month (obviously) but we're definitely good for this month.
Speaking of cars, we had inspections this Friday and guess who got a perfect car?! That's right! We cheated a little bit. But that's okay. Well Sister Taylor says we didn't because we can get whatever car wash we want, but I still feel a little bad. But it was so funny because Elder Rodgers totally bowed to us. It should be on the blog soon I'd think - you should check it out. I was laughing so hard. So I've officially won every car inspection I've had so far on my mission! Oh yeah!
After car inspections, I had my interview with President. It was so amazing. He told me a lot of things I needed to hear. Definitely strengthened and helped me. He reminded me that I wouldn't be in a new area with a new companion if I couldn't handle it. He said he's been excited for me to train for a while but that I needed the experiences I had in my last area before I could (SO TRUE - my last area and especially the last 2 transfers there changed so much of my missionary work and gave me priceless experiences). So these past couple of days have been loads better. I love President Taylor! Haha isn't if funny how he tells me the same things y'all tell me but it affects me differently? I'm sorry :( You just always think I'm great!
Church was crazy yesterday! We had so many people coming up to us and giving us referrals! I've never seen anything like it! And then DJ had his baptism interview and will get baptized this Saturday. He's a great kid and has been really excited to be baptized but just not able to for a while. These wards are on fire with their own missionary work, particularly in reactivating members. so we're just trying to slide right in to the work they're already doing. Just rocking wards. We are very blessed to be here.
Sister Falke emailed me! Holy cow I miss her so much. I would love for her to come back and be my companion again haha. She taught me so much about missionary work.
Bummer that you've been sick Mom! We'll try to avoid it. It's in the 90s here during the day (gaaaahhhh) so we probably sweat it all out already haha. Still nice in the mornings though, so that's a blessing.
Oh and a hybrid companionship means that it's an English-speaking missionary with a Spanish-speaking missionary. So like when I was in the hybrid trio in Glendale for a few weeks. My companions had been called Spanish-speaking, but they were with me who was called English-speaking. It's something that's happening a lot with all the new missionaries coming in.
I remember Aunt Tara and Uncle Pat's place in Cypress! I told Sister Barnett that.
So yes. This week we tried to be more obedient. I got a ton of advice from President Taylor and he helped me realize all my sources of support and advice so I don't keep it all bottled up and overly stressed. I might have some gray hairs... just kidding! But I might as well haha. So yeah good times. It'll keep getting better.
Sister Barnett seems to be doing well. She is very patient with me. Very cute. A little forgetful haha so that's tough on her sometimes. I'm trying to do a good job and explain everything to her and train her quickly on what we need the most. She seems to be enjoying the mission. I can't believe how heavy of clothes she wears though - she always wears longer sleeves and more layers than I do. Everyone tells her she's going to die soon hahaha. She's fun. She was 19 when the announcement came out and turned 20 right before she reported, so she tells people she's "part of the wave but not a young one" haha. She went to school at BYU-I.
Taylor your new apartment sounds amazing! That service thing is something we should implement more as missionaries too! Just doing it! I'm excited to see the new apartment one day and thanks a lot for the quote - it totally makes sense!
Sister Parks

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